Penny Dell Crossword June 10 2021 Answers

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Penny Dell Crossword June 10 2021 Answers:

____ Search 4 letters STAR
Turns left 4 letters HAWS
Furry foot 3 letters PAW
Ahi or albacore 4 letters TUNA
Charge with gas 6 letters AERATE
Egg cells 3 letters OVA
Military group 4 letters UNIT
Type of plum 6 letters DAMSON
Dress up 3 letters TOG
Censure mark 7 letters DEMERIT
Cut of pork 3 letters HAM
Mr. ____ 3 letters ACE
Burn reliever 4 letters ALOE
Oleate 5 letters ESTER
Derby e.g. 3 letters HAT
City vehicle 3 letters BUS
Team’s symbol 6 letters MASCOT
Building clay 5 letters ADOBE
Trite 6 letters CLICHE
Dry 4 letters SERE
Not the back 5 letters FRONT
Small amphibian 4 letters NEWT
Expand 6 letters DILATE
On a voyage 5 letters ATSEA
Talk freely 6 letters OPENUP
Legendary bird 3 letters ROC
Different 3 letters ODD
Shrimp’s kin 5 letters PRAWN
Spoiled child 4 letters BRAT
Desqueak 3 letters OIL
Breakfasted 3 letters ATE
Female fortune-teller 7 letters SEERESS
Fa follower 3 letters SOL
Ankle bones 6 letters TARSUS
Spoken 4 letters ORAL
Yale alumnus 3 letters ELI
Locomotive 6 letters ENGINE
Bog down 4 letters MIRE
Apple color 3 letters RED
Large bell 4 letters GONG
Sulfuric ____ 4 letters ACID
Nailhead 4 letters STUD
Adjust 4 letters TUNE
Finding Nemo artist 8 letters ANIMATOR
Honey badger 5 letters RATEL
Warmth 4 letters HEAT
Furnish weapons to 3 letters ARM
Cleanse 4 letters WASH
Greek portico 4 letters STOA
Latke need 6 letters POTATO
Shorebird 6 letters AVOCET
Stake 5 letters WAGER
Kin of au revoir 5 letters ADIEU
Catch in a net 6 letters ENMESH
Lounging wear 4 letters ROBE
Odor 5 letters SCENT
Owns 3 letters HAS
Cool drink 3 letters ADE
Leftover piece 5 letters SCRAP
Ore seeker 5 letters MINER
Drama part 3 letters ACT
Moisten 5 letters BEDEW
Fortune 3 letters LOT
Winter illness 3 letters FLU
Arcane 8 letters ESOTERIC
Get hitched 3 letters WED
A little bit 3 letters TAD
Intrinsic 6 letters INNATE
Estate measure 4 letters ACRE
Bird at bat 6 letters ORIOLE
Wan 6 letters PALLID
Very stout 5 letters OBESE
Phony 5 letters POSER
Yummy smell 5 letters AROMA
Strong taste 4 letters TANG
Thus 4 letters ERGO
Warbled 4 letters SUNG
Hindu garment 4 letters SARI
Toboggan 4 letters SLED
Err 3 letters SIN

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