Penny Dell Crossword July 28 2021 Answers

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Penny Dell Crossword July 28 2021 Answers:

Donkey 3 letters ASS
Wound trace 4 letters SCAR
Farm measure 4 letters ACRE
Mushroom top 3 letters CAP
Saws wood 6 letters SNORES
At what time? 4 letters WHEN
Eon 3 letters ERA
Lot 6 letters PARCEL
Gold cloth 4 letters LAME
Contempt 7 letters DISDAIN
Mr. Carson 3 letters KIT
Crash into 3 letters RAM
Resting 4 letters IDLE
Irritable 6 letters GRUMPY
Insulting 5 letters SNIDE
Crocheted blanket 6 letters AFGHAN
Lobster trap 3 letters POT
Longitude’s counterpart 8 letters LATITUDE
Bumbling 5 letters INEPT
Party man for short 3 letters POL
Of sound 5 letters TONAL
Next day 8 letters TOMORROW
Provoke 3 letters IRK
____ is believing 6 letters SEEING
Palm fruits 5 letters DATES
GI’s identification 6 letters DOGTAG
Openly declare 4 letters AVOW
Mine shipment 3 letters ORE
Index 3 letters TAB
Voucher 7 letters RECEIPT
Mind 4 letters OBEY
Casual comment 6 letters REMARK
Born 3 letters NEE
Go up 4 letters RISE
Condescends 6 letters DEIGNS
Admirer 3 letters FAN
Editor’s word 4 letters STET
Skedaddle 4 letters FLEE
Up in years 3 letters OLD
Served well 4 letters ACED
Hindu dress 4 letters SARI
Vacation hot spots 4 letters SPAS
Shell dweller 5 letters SNAIL
Eye part 6 letters CORNEA
Circle portion 3 letters ARC
Emit fumes 4 letters REEK
Cobbler’s tool 3 letters AWL
Bewitch 5 letters CHARM
Chart anew 5 letters REMAP
Foe 5 letters ENEMY
Garden tool 5 letters SPADE
Snub 6 letters SLIGHT
Executed 3 letters DID
Quality 5 letters TRAIT
Biblical word 4 letters UNTO
Roasting bar 4 letters SPIT
Forbidden thing 4 letters NONO
Bit of news 4 letters ITEM
Transported by jet 5 letters FLOWN
Lass 3 letters GAL
Component 4 letters UNIT
Take a gamble 4 letters DARE
Part of BPOE 4 letters ELKS
Mail 4 letters POST
Delicacy 5 letters TREAT
Hawaiian staple 3 letters POI
Consider 6 letters REGARD
Car shed 6 letters GARAGE
Wharves 5 letters DOCKS
Astonish 3 letters AWE
Portals 5 letters DOORS
Shuttle’s path 5 letters ORBIT
Waterfowl 5 letters GEESE
Nemo’s creator 5 letters VERNE
Sirloin 4 letters BEEF
Facts briefly 4 letters INFO
Resonate 4 letters PEAL
Lean 4 letters TEND
As of now 3 letters YET
Wire measure 3 letters MIL

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