Penny Dell Crossword January 24 2023 Answers

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Penny Dell Crossword January 24 2023 Answers:

BBs e.g. 4 letters AMMO
Angel’s glow 4 letters HALO
Brush against 5 letters GRAZE
Sweetheart 4 letters BEAU
Presently formerly 4 letters ANON
Like some cereal 5 letters OATEN
Emanate 4 letters EMIT
Baal 4 letters IDOL
Go too fast 5 letters SPEED
Evader 6 letters DODGER
Not nope 3 letters YEP
Kidney-related 5 letters RENAL
Cleanse again 6 letters REWASH
Under the terms of which 7 letters WHEREBY
Peek 6 letters GLANCE
Gizzard 4 letters CRAW
Human trunk 5 letters TORSO
Fix as a sock 4 letters DARN
Stipe’s group 3 letters REM
Morse-code click 3 letters DIT
Resin 3 letters LAC
Poet’s foot 4 letters IAMB
Room theme 5 letters DECOR
Contend 4 letters COPE
Music box 6 letters STEREO
So-so 7 letters AVERAGE
Group of words 6 letters PHRASE
Legitimate 5 letters LEGAL
Major-leaguer 3 letters PRO
Haphazardly 6 letters ANYHOW
Drudgery 5 letters LABOR
For fear that 4 letters LEST
Mama’s fellow 4 letters PAPA
Court excuse 5 letters ALIBI
Part of QED 4 letters ERAT
Capture 4 letters SNAG
____ point 5 letters PETIT
Humpback’s kin 4 letters ORCA
Gawk at 4 letters OGLE
Sleeping 4 letters ABED
Business note 4 letters MEMO
____ Marian 4 letters MAID
Got too big 7 letters OUTGREW
Coiffure covering 7 letters HAIRNET
Also 3 letters AND
Card game of old 3 letters LOO
Except 4 letters ONLY
Truth 6 letters GOSPEL
Gab 3 letters RAP
Corroded 3 letters ATE
Zorro’s mark 3 letters ZEE
Remnant 3 letters END
Bard’s always 3 letters EER
Consequently 4 letters ERGO
Home 5 letters ABODE
Tuneful 7 letters LYRICAL
Pile 3 letters WAD
Not digital 6 letters ANALOG
Scratch 6 letters SCRAPE
Therefore 5 letters HENCE
Garland 6 letters WREATH
Gavel 6 letters HAMMER
Crunchy 5 letters CRISP
Heat source 5 letters STOVE
Lingerie item 3 letters BRA
Activist 4 letters DOER
Boat race 7 letters REGATTA
Musical style 7 letters CALYPSO
Vivacity 6 letters ESPRIT
Conducted 3 letters RAN
Butter sub 4 letters OLEO
Dangle 4 letters HANG
Milky stone 4 letters OPAL
Salary 4 letters WAGE
Indy circuit 3 letters LAP
Pub fare 3 letters ALE
Drill need 3 letters BIT
Kimono closer 3 letters OBI
Bungle 3 letters ERR
Pouch 3 letters SAC

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