Penny Dell Crossword January 14 2021 Answers

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Penny Dell Crossword January 14 2021 Answers:

Wade 5 letters SLOSH
Papa’s wife 4 letters MAMA
Avant-garde movement 4 letters DADA
Around 5 letters CIRCA
Ardent 4 letters AVID
Witness 4 letters EYER
Turn aside 5 letters AVERT
Secret language 4 letters CODE
Bronze coin 4 letters CENT
Butte’s kin 4 letters MESA
Alpine slider 3 letters SKI
Taro product 3 letters POI
Handled roughly 5 letters PAWED
Meeker 5 letters TAMER
Swordsman 6 letters DUELER
Subway fees 5 letters FARES
Inky implement 3 letters PEN
Glance slyly 4 letters LEER
Tilted 6 letters ASLANT
Boat paddle 3 letters OAR
Entreaties 5 letters PLEAS
Adriatic e.g. 3 letters SEA
Constructs 6 letters ERECTS
Wick 4 letters FUSE
Coop product 3 letters EGG
Glitzy crown 5 letters TIARA
Contrive 6 letters DEVISE
Best 5 letters ELITE
Publicized 5 letters AIRED
Deface 3 letters MAR
Old soldier 3 letters VET
Bind firmly 4 letters LASH
Lessens 4 letters EBBS
Red horse 4 letters ROAN
Riot 5 letters MELEE
Ruthless Roman 4 letters NERO
Heroic tale 4 letters EPIC
Starflower 5 letters ASTER
College bigwig 4 letters DEAN
Printer’s term 4 letters DELE
Quits 5 letters STOPS
Hustle 4 letters SCAM
Learn’s partner 4 letters LIVE
Valuable rocks 4 letters ORES
Rasp 6 letters SCRAPE
Derby or beret 3 letters HAT
Food fish 8 letters MACKEREL
Bypass 5 letters AVOID
Halfway 3 letters MID
Expert 5 letters ADEPT
Based on ten 7 letters DECIMAL
Affirmative vote 3 letters AYE
Study 3 letters DEN
Author Buchwald 3 letters ART
Pushes a broom 6 letters SWEEPS
Blockheads 4 letters OAFS
Whole 3 letters ALL
Expunges 6 letters ERASES
Back out 6 letters RENEGE
Sweetie 6 letters DEARIE
Imaginary 6 letters UNREAL
Antlered deer 4 letters STAG
Emily Dickinson e.g. 4 letters POET
KO counter 3 letters REF
Proclaim 6 letters ASSERT
Crowd 8 letters AUDIENCE
Deep red 7 letters CRIMSON
Londoner’s so long 4 letters TATA
Adam’s wife 3 letters EVE
Most inactive 6 letters IDLEST
Misjudged 5 letters ERRED
Profit 5 letters AVAIL
Choir singer 4 letters ALTO
Ooze 4 letters SEEP
Towel inscription 4 letters HERS
Climax 3 letters END
Queen ____ 3 letters BEE
Bikini top 3 letters BRA
Ajar to bards 3 letters OPE
More in Seville 3 letters MAS

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