Penny Dell Crossword February 22 2021 Answers

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Penny Dell Crossword February 22 2021 Answers:

Animation unit 3 letters CEL
Dexterous 4 letters DEFT
Slap 4 letters SWAT
Anthropoid 3 letters APE
Rudder handle 6 letters TILLER
Improper thing 4 letters NONO
Actor Ely 3 letters RON
Tie again 6 letters RELACE
Similar 4 letters AKIN
Hateful 6 letters ODIOUS
Harbor structure 5 letters WHARF
Peril 6 letters MENACE
Uncertainty 5 letters DOUBT
Blab 4 letters TELL
Just released 3 letters NEW
Bird of prey 3 letters OWL
Sound 4 letters ABLE
In flames 5 letters AFIRE
Comic Tina ____ 3 letters FEY
Surfer’s need 5 letters BOARD
Elmo fan 3 letters TOT
Career officer 5 letters LIFER
Be incorrect 3 letters ERR
Else 5 letters OTHER
Prominence 4 letters NOTE
Burrow 3 letters DIG
Before of yore 3 letters ERE
Baker 4 letters OVEN
South American raccoon 5 letters COATI
Disinclined 6 letters AVERSE
Clever 5 letters SHARP
Cornflakes e.g. 6 letters CEREAL
Egg part 4 letters YOLK
Banjo’s relative 6 letters GUITAR
Cow chew 3 letters CUD
Foil’s cousin 4 letters EPEE
Thing 6 letters ENTITY
Banqueted 3 letters ATE
Director Peter ____ 4 letters WEIR
Stare 4 letters GAPE
According to 3 letters PER
Ricochet 5 letters CAROM
Lyric poem 5 letters EPODE
Russian leader 5 letters LENIN
Truck fuel 6 letters DIESEL
House wing 3 letters ELL
Blemish 4 letters FLAW
Film-crew member 4 letters TECH
Glitch 5 letters SNAFU
Canton cookware 3 letters WOK
Cuckoo 3 letters ANI
Unit of weight 3 letters TON
Time-out 5 letters TRUCE
Library user 6 letters READER
Western movie 5 letters OATER
Spur wheel 5 letters ROWEL
Popular 5 letters BOFFO
Peep 5 letters TWEET
Shop turner 5 letters LATHE
Explosive 5 letters NITRO
Old harp 4 letters LYRE
Retired 4 letters ABED
____ acid 5 letters BORIC
Slow in music 5 letters LARGO
Enemy 3 letters FOE
Biblical verb 5 letters DOETH
Esoteric 5 letters INNER
Medical sorting 6 letters TRIAGE
Empty out 6 letters VACATE
All possible 5 letters EVERY
Inquisitive one 5 letters ASKER
Cover again 5 letters RECAP
Cook in oil 5 letters SAUTE
Church officer 5 letters ELDER
Ladder feature 4 letters RUNG
Pocket bread 4 letters PITA
Evergreen 3 letters YEW
Unlock to a bard 3 letters OPE
Hilo gift 3 letters LEI
Hint 3 letters TIP

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