Penny Dell Crossword December 2 2021 Answers

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Penny Dell Crossword December 2 2021 Answers:

Lantern 4 letters LAMP
Blow gently 4 letters WAFT
Circle portion 3 letters ARC
Food additive 4 letters AGAR
Clothier 6 letters TAILOR
Accepted standard 3 letters PAR
Guitar device 4 letters CAPO
Appeal 6 letters ALLURE
Apple pastry 3 letters PIE
Alpine pool 4 letters TARN
Carve in relief 6 letters EMBOSS
Bountiful 8 letters GENEROUS
Tag-sale caveat 4 letters ASIS
Juanita’s friend 5 letters AMIGO
Metallic element 8 letters TUNGSTEN
Roster 6 letters LINEUP
Tidy 4 letters NEAT
Dined at Mel’s 3 letters ATE
Paramount 7 letters SUPREME
Common contraction 3 letters IVE
And 4 letters ALSO
Molar coating 6 letters ENAMEL
Flavorful onion 8 letters SCALLION
Small crown 5 letters TIARA
Legume 4 letters BEAN
Streetcar driver 8 letters MOTORMAN
Foot feature 6 letters INSTEP
Action word 4 letters VERB
Earned 3 letters GOT
Automatic response 6 letters REFLEX
Remotely 4 letters AFAR
It’s of miner concern 3 letters ORE
Roving 6 letters ERRANT
Star Wars e.g. 4 letters SAGA
Salt 3 letters TAR
Nero’s garment 4 letters TOGA
Black poetically 4 letters EBON
Resin 3 letters LAC
Turkish ruler 3 letters AGA
Plan a route with out 3 letters MAP
Pupil 7 letters PROTEGE
Cashew relative 6 letters WALNUT
Feel queasy 3 letters AIL
Winter sickness 3 letters FLU
Slashed 4 letters TORE
Place side by side 6 letters APPOSE
Cereal fruit 6 letters RAISIN
Salad item 5 letters CRESS
Tropical tuber 4 letters TARO
Radiation unit 3 letters REM
Excitement 7 letters AROUSAL
Dracula at times 3 letters BAT
Festive celebration 4 letters GALA
Give off 4 letters EMIT
On cloud ____ 4 letters NINE
Solarium 7 letters SUNROOM
Maiden-name word 3 letters NEE
Baseball event 4 letters GAME
Loudmouth 7 letters STENTOR
Tug 4 letters PULL
23rd Greek letter 3 letters PSI
Mosque official 4 letters IMAM
Actress Miles 4 letters VERA
Spunk 4 letters ELAN
Pilot’s command center 7 letters AIRBASE
Toledan lady 6 letters SENORA
Crib wheel 6 letters CASTER
Flik for one 3 letters ANT
Prayer 6 letters NOVENA
Biased person 5 letters BIGOT
Writing 4 letters TEXT
Before to Browning 3 letters ERE
Sassy 4 letters PERT
Puffy do 3 letters FRO
Dally 3 letters LAG
Slangy marvelous 3 letters FAB
Earlier 3 letters AGO
Raced 3 letters RAN

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