Penny Dell Crossword August 6 2022 Answers

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Penny Dell Crossword August 6 2022 Answers:

Skinny one 5 letters SCRAG
Sphere 3 letters ORB
In favor of 3 letters FOR
Sponge 5 letters MOOCH
Move in circles 5 letters SWIRL
Pride 3 letters EGO
Crucial 5 letters ACUTE
50s tune e.g. 5 letters OLDIE
Memorable period 3 letters ERA
Register 3 letters LOG
School wing 3 letters ELL
Raider 7 letters INVADER
Lion portrayer 4 letters LAHR
Retaliator 7 letters AVENGER
Selecting 6 letters OPTING
Place again 5 letters RESET
Evident 8 letters APPARENT
Fighting 3 letters WAR
Of rich soil 5 letters LOAMY
Short-term job 3 letters GIG
Watered silk 5 letters MOIRE
Rocky peak 3 letters TOR
Three-sided shape 8 letters TRIANGLE
Sequence 5 letters ORDER
Enough 6 letters PLENTY
Fortune-teller’s prop 7 letters TEALEAF
Medical photo 4 letters XRAY
Slow musically 7 letters ANDANTE
Little squirt 3 letters TOT
____ Waited So Long 3 letters IVE
Pub 3 letters BAR
Humiliate 5 letters ABASE
Vital body part 5 letters ORGAN
Large bird 3 letters EMU
Type of beam 5 letters LASER
Whoopi Goldberg film 5 letters GHOST
Society gal 3 letters DEB
Pipe joint 3 letters TEE
Major blood vessel 5 letters AORTA
Slight 5 letters SMALL
Winter drink 5 letters COCOA
Unpolished 5 letters ROUGH
Behave 3 letters ACT
Indian butter 4 letters GHEE
Night animal 3 letters OWL
On horseback 6 letters RIDING
Carry along 5 letters BRING
Disobey a zoo sign 4 letters FEED
Fairy-tale monster 4 letters OGRE
Pride sound 4 letters ROAR
Explaining 7 letters SOLVING
Pedal 5 letters LEVER
Overdue 4 letters LATE
Chances ____ 3 letters ARE
Meander 4 letters ROAM
Qualify 7 letters ENTITLE
Snoop 3 letters PRY
Guzzle 4 letters SWIG
Aristocrat 4 letters EARL
Fir or spruce e.g. 4 letters TREE
Choir member 4 letters ALTO
Penniless 4 letters POOR
Western chum 4 letters PARD
Nobler 7 letters GREATER
Welcome rug 3 letters MAT
Jet black 4 letters ONYX
Scoop 4 letters INFO
Athenian letter 3 letters ETA
Of a kidney 5 letters RENAL
Satisfy 6 letters PLEASE
Up in baseball 5 letters ATBAT
Inflexibility 5 letters RIGOR
Cease to a tar 5 letters AVAST
Busybody 5 letters YENTA
Tucked in 4 letters ABED
Designate 4 letters NAME
Defeat decisively 4 letters DRUB
Roman garb 4 letters TOGA
____ No Evil 3 letters SEE
It comes after pi 3 letters RHO

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