Penny Dell Crossword April 16 2021 Answers

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Penny Dell Crossword April 16 2021 Answers:

Cushy 4 letters SOFT
Fabled loser 4 letters HARE
Heroic verse 4 letters EPOS
Asian ruler 4 letters EMIR
Arbor 5 letters BOWER
Buddhist priest 4 letters LAMA
Dinner reading 4 letters MENU
Rent 5 letters LEASE
Twirl 4 letters SPIN
Deep blue 6 letters INDIGO
Have fun 8 letters RECREATE
Father’s boy 3 letters SON
Details 4 letters DATA
Pie ____ 7 letters ALAMODE
Winning 7 letters LOVABLE
The sun 3 letters SOL
Lamprey e.g. 3 letters EEL
Recover 6 letters REDEEM
Nitwit 5 letters IDIOT
Negative 3 letters NOT
Audacity 5 letters NERVE
Arid area 6 letters DESERT
Bear’s foot 3 letters PAW
Always to poets 3 letters EER
Charge (with) 7 letters ENTRUST
Horrific 7 letters GHASTLY
Cheese source 4 letters CURD
Class 3 letters ILK
Memento 8 letters SOUVENIR
Harass 6 letters NEEDLE
Bald eagle’s kin 4 letters ERNE
Oak starter 5 letters ACORN
Excursion 4 letters TRIP
Take on cargo 4 letters LADE
Currency 5 letters MONEY
Attended 4 letters CAME
Utter failure 4 letters FLOP
Newsy bit 4 letters ITEM
Publicize 4 letters HYPE
Round before the final 4 letters SEMI
Future sign 4 letters OMEN
Locate 4 letters FIND
Obvious statement 6 letters TRUISM
Digger 3 letters HOE
Prize 5 letters AWARD
Close again 6 letters RESEAL
Builder 7 letters ERECTOR
Other 4 letters ELSE
Baby’s father 4 letters PAPA
Disregard 4 letters OMIT
Reasonable 4 letters SANE
Fair-haired 6 letters BLONDE
Moo ____ gai pan 3 letters GOO
Crowlike bird 5 letters RAVEN
In safekeeping 5 letters ASIDE
Wool fabric 5 letters LODEN
Short roster 5 letters ALIST
Twilight in verse 3 letters EEN
Summer fruit drink 3 letters ADE
Artist’s cap 5 letters BERET
Smooth 5 letters LEVEL
____ board 5 letters EMERY
Cut 3 letters LOP
Above to bards 3 letters OER
Peace agreement 5 letters TRUCE
Kid’s game 3 letters TAG
Tidal wave 7 letters TSUNAMI
Mr. Ed’s hello 6 letters WHINNY
Warp-knit fabric 6 letters TRICOT
Brew 3 letters ALE
Draw hastily 6 letters SKETCH
Certain bee 5 letters DRONE
____-esteem 4 letters SELF
Exam format 4 letters ORAL
Disconnect 4 letters UNDO
Biden e.g. 4 letters VEEP
Low cart 4 letters DRAY
Droopy 4 letters LIMP
Blunted sword 4 letters EPEE
Unit of radiation 3 letters REM

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