Penny Dell Crossword April 13 2021 Answers

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Penny Dell Crossword April 13 2021 Answers:

Fell 3 letters HEW
Sale caveat 4 letters ASIS
Went rapidly 4 letters SPED
Cato’s eggs 3 letters OVA
Bet type 6 letters EXACTA
Basilica part 4 letters NAVE
Dispose (of) 3 letters RID
Put down 6 letters DEMEAN
Uncovered 4 letters OPEN
Suspect’s story 5 letters ALIBI
Vega e.g. 4 letters STAR
Yield to commands 4 letters OBEY
Torment 6 letters HECKLE
Drink 7 letters SWALLOW
Deep furrows 5 letters REANS
Honolulu garland 3 letters LEI
Advantage 4 letters EDGE
Source of caviar 6 letters BELUGA
First in a series 3 letters ONE
Type of duck 5 letters EIDER
Cloth scrap 3 letters RAG
Carpenter’s tool 6 letters SANDER
Increase 4 letters GROW
Freud’s topic 3 letters EGO
Get by theft 5 letters STEAL
Dignify 7 letters ENNOBLE
Itinerant 6 letters ERRANT
Hose hue 4 letters ECRU
Lower joint 4 letters KNEE
Snoop 5 letters SNEAK
Catholic leader 4 letters POPE
Be equivocal 6 letters WAFFLE
Whiz 3 letters ACE
Pretension 4 letters AIRS
Filter 6 letters SCREEN
Not he 3 letters SHE
Curdle 4 letters CLOT
Sharpen 4 letters HONE
Craving 3 letters YEN
Spanish hour 4 letters HORA
Rotten 4 letters EVIL
Dry watercourse 4 letters WADI
Chopping tool 3 letters AXE
Mr. Waterston 3 letters SAM
Cooler cooler 3 letters ICE
Stow 5 letters STASH
Diver’s tube 7 letters SNORKEL
Baby food 3 letters PAP
Actress Brenner 3 letters EVE
Lion’s cave 3 letters DEN
Palatable 6 letters EDIBLE
Stake 4 letters ANTE
Constricting snake 3 letters BOA
Land unit 4 letters ACRE
Showing more age 5 letters ELDER
Boo Boo’s buddy 4 letters YOGI
Evergreen 6 letters LAUREL
Hire 6 letters ENGAGE
Power house? 6 letters SENATE
Hot dog 6 letters WIENER
Golf club 5 letters WEDGE
Plant starch 4 letters SAGO
Deprivation 4 letters LOSS
Wild horse 5 letters BRONC
Ocean eagle 4 letters ERNE
Murkiest 7 letters DARKEST
Distinctive flair 4 letters ELAN
Deteriorate 6 letters WORSEN
Sweet roll 3 letters BUN
Facts 4 letters NEWS
Instruct 5 letters TEACH
Lenient 4 letters EASY
Pine 4 letters ACHE
Eager 4 letters KEEN
Shoe liner 3 letters PAC
Frying need 3 letters OIL
NBA player e.g. 3 letters PRO
Puffy do 3 letters FRO
Swamp 3 letters FEN
Author Harper ____ 3 letters LEE

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