Newsday Crossword September 28 2021 Answers

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Newsday Crossword September 28 2021 Answers:

Inky stain 4 letters BLOT
Final authority 5 letters SAYSO
Identical sibling 4 letters TWIN
Italy’s capital to Italians 4 letters ROMA
Large flashlight’s battery 5 letters CCELL
This is terrible! 4 letters OHNO
Best pair in poker 4 letters ACES
Was feeling poorly 5 letters AILED
Tenant’s payment 4 letters RENT
Contents of a shaker pair 13 letters
Take the wheel 5 letters STEER
__-med student 3 letters PRE
Quiche ingredient 3 letters EGG
As of now 3 letters YET
Breakfast or brunch 4 letters MEAL
At a reduced price 6 letters ONSALE
Miniature tree 6 letters BONSAI
Prophetic sign 4 letters OMEN
Candy at a cashier counter 15 letters
Scratches up 4 letters MARS
Small sofa 6 letters SETTEE
Criticize harshly 6 letters SCATHE
Physicians for short 4 letters DOCS
Police alert initials 3 letters APB
Available without a prescription: Abbr. 3 letters OTC
Tax agcy. 3 letters IRS
Opinion piece 5 letters ESSAY
Red condiment for a burger 13 letters
Snooty person 4 letters SNOB
Damascus’ country 5 letters SYRIA
Civil rights icon Parks 4 letters ROSA
Measure of land 4 letters ACRE
Vote into office 5 letters ELECT
Greek war god 4 letters ARES
Prone to prying 4 letters NOSY
Pieces of office furniture 5 letters DESKS
Untidy state 4 letters MESS
Loud and bold 6 letters BRASSY
Track down 6 letters LOCATE
Brunch choice with cheese 6 letters OMELET
Eat a sample of 5 letters TASTE
Read digitally 4 letters SCAN
Corrosive chemical 4 letters ACID
High-pitched cry 4 letters YELP
Visit dreamland 5 letters SLEEP
Veteran expert 6 letters OLDPRO
__ apart (ripped up) 4 letters TORE
Question from one who’s lost 8 letters WHEREAMI
Rural hotel 3 letters INN
Believe it or __ . . . 3 letters NOT
Knight’s iron suit 5 letters ARMOR
Pigsty 3 letters PEN
Hidden valley 4 letters GLEN
Polite guy 4 letters GENT
Finale 3 letters END
With no warranty 4 letters ASIS
Marked like a highway 5 letters LANED
__ of the time (occasionally) 4 letters SOME
Highest in quality 4 letters BEST
Turn __ (become) 4 letters INTO
Are not! comeback 4 letters AMSO
True statement 4 letters FACT
Farm vehicles 8 letters TRACTORS
And so on: Abbr. 3 letters ETC
Turn back to zero 5 letters RESET
That fellow 3 letters HIM
Removed from a blackboard 6 letters ERASED
Back on dry land 6 letters ASHORE
Takes a short break 6 letters PAUSES
Don’t stop at along the way 6 letters BYPASS
Fashion sense 5 letters STYLE
Get lost! 5 letters SCRAM
Comply with 4 letters OBEY
Rocks from mines 4 letters ORES
Football punt 4 letters KICK
Ingests 4 letters EATS
__ Francisco CA 3 letters SAN
Sgt. for one 3 letters NCO

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