Newsday Crossword September 27 2021 Answers

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Newsday Crossword September 27 2021 Answers:

Clumsy person 4 letters CLOD
Letters after H 4 letters IJKL
Sedans and coupes 4 letters CARS
French-style pancake 5 letters CREPE
Prohibited thing 4 letters NONO
Unwrap as a gift 4 letters OPEN
Celebrate noisily 5 letters REVEL
All over again 4 letters ANEW
American flag color 4 letters BLUE
Each Monday and Friday for instance 10 letters TWICEAWEEK
Sneaky scheme 4 letters RUSE
Election Day day: Abbr. 4 letters TUES
Pencil mark remover 6 letters ERASER
Falsely accused 6 letters FRAMED
Type of bread 3 letters RYE
The Dalai __ 4 letters LAMA
Winning __ everything 4 letters ISNT
Ram of the zodiac 5 letters ARIES
Each January March May etc. 15 letters
Tightly compressed 5 letters DENSE
In addition 4 letters ALSO
Mosquito attack 4 letters BITE
Perform a role 3 letters ACT
Defeated in competition 6 letters BESTED
George Washington’s wife 6 letters MARTHA
__ to the throne (the next to reign) 4 letters HEIR
Aroma 4 letters ODOR
Each June and December for instance 10 letters BIANNUALLY
Stadium tier 4 letters LOGE
Tiresome one 4 letters BORE
Crisscross clothing pattern 5 letters PLAID
Factually correct 4 letters WAHR
Shopping-list line 4 letters ITEM
Turnpike payments 5 letters TOLLS
Catches sight of 4 letters SEES
Not difficult at all 4 letters EASY
Hang around 4 letters STAY
Ship’s staff 4 letters CREW
Strauss of jeans 4 letters LEVI
Oil cartel 4 letters OPEC
Remove from a computer document 6 letters DELETE
Highly impressed 5 letters INAWE
Common surname like Smith 5 letters JONES
Joint above the ankle 4 letters KNEE
Subdued in manner 6 letters LOWKEY
Snake charmer’s snake 5 letters COBRA
Very high test grade 5 letters APLUS
Find a new purpose for 5 letters REUSE
Evil smile 5 letters SNEER
Bulky old PC screen: Abbr. 3 letters CRT
Sound part of a film 5 letters AUDIO
Package of copier paper 4 letters REAM
Escaped in a hurry 4 letters FLED
Rant and __ (show anger) 4 letters RAVE
Prayer’s last word 4 letters AMEN
The Red Planet 4 letters MARS
Numbered roads: Abbr. 4 letters RTES
Bit of data 4 letters STAT
Ice-skating pro athletes’ group: Abbr. 3 letters NHL
Steals from 4 letters ROBS
What’s __ for me? 4 letters INIT
Small suffix for kitchen 4 letters ETTE
Backyard storage building 4 letters SHED
Slangy okay 4 letters YEAH
Batman’s partner 5 letters ROBIN
Taxi driver 6 letters CABBIE
Spouts lava 6 letters ERUPTS
Loses feathers 5 letters MOLTS
Be very fond of 5 letters ADORE
Scoundrel 5 letters ROGUE
What fills a forest 5 letters TREES
Relatives of rabbits 5 letters HARES
Foe 5 letters ENEMY
Slight amount 4 letters IOTA
Very frequently 4 letters ALOT
Tra __ (song syllables) 4 letters LALA
Pond’s pad leaf 4 letters LILY
Golf course measures: Abbr. 3 letters YDS

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