Newsday Crossword September 25 2021 Answers

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Newsday Crossword September 25 2021 Answers:

Went to high gear 6 letters SPEDUP
Make wavy 5 letters CRIMP
Spaniard who inspires Cyrano 7 letters QUIXOTE
Taunting cry 6 letters HAHAHA
Have a Bath break 7 letters TAKETEA
Controversial vernacular of the ’90s 7 letters EBONICS
Credit on millions of prints 4 letters IVES
Rather tight 5 letters CHEAP
Cold War-era USAF unit 3 letters SAC
As ordered by 3 letters PER
Top of summer 6 letters TSHIRT
Conclusive measures 4 letters CODA
Uruguay in large part 6 letters PAMPAS
More abrupt 5 letters RUDER
Good news for picnickers 6 letters NORAIN
Best Actor Oscar winner before Anthony 6 letters JEREMY
What Robert Louis Stevenson called wine 13 letters
One thing after another 6 letters SERIAL
The Notorious B.I.G. discovered her 6 letters LILKIM
Do something about 5 letters ACTON
Buddies (up) 6 letters COZIES
Name of six Declaration signers 4 letters JOHN
Held dear 6 letters PRIZED
Home of the new TWA Hotel 3 letters JFK
iPod part 3 letters AMP
Nearly tied 5 letters CLOSE
Oil source 4 letters CORN
Reality host with 10 Primetime Emmys 7 letters KEOGHAN
South Pacific tourist destination 7 letters RAPANUI
February forecast word 6 letters SLEETY
Highly complimentary comment 7 letters ILOVEIT
It once had naming rights to the Astros’ home 5 letters ENRON
Brewers once worked there 6 letters ALWEST
Word from the Latin for sweet 5 letters SUAVE
Tight one 5 letters PIKER
Undone items 4 letters EXES
What’s the point 3 letters DOT
Colorado’s Sleeping __ Mountain (supposed Chief resembler) 3 letters UTE
Lattice-topped treat 8 letters PEACHPIE
Plain toast 6 letters CHEERS
Capital southwest of Valencia 5 letters RABAT
The home of all things breakfast 4 letters IHOP
End of many superheroes’ names 3 letters MAN
Soap substitute brand 9 letters PHISODERM
Paintbrush for mini-modelers 4 letters QTIP
37 Down claim to fame 7 letters ACADEMY
Alarming 5 letters SCARY
It features Beetle Bailey’s sister 9 letters HIANDLOIS
Symbol for Irish counties 6 letters TARTAN
23 Across specification 5 letters SMALL
Freaky Friday mom 6 letters CURTIS
Quack creation 6 letters POTION
The place __ of stale beer: Spillane 6 letters REEKED
Alaska city getting much December mail 9 letters NORTHPOLE
Half of a father-daughter Oscar duo 5 letters JOLIE
Suits 7 letters BECOMES
Fast-food establishment 8 letters PIZZERIA
Jeopardy! host 4/1/1997 5 letters SAJAK
Half a Cocoon real-life couple 6 letters CRONYN
Whom Nietzsche liked not 5 letters PLATO
Obsession so to speak 5 letters JONES
Dates e.g. 5 letters FRUIT
Contract into wrinkles 4 letters KNIT
Contralto superstar 4 letters CHER
Cease to resist 4 letters CAVE
Alphabet-enders preceder 3 letters GEN
After __ 3 letters ALL
Sock sound 3 letters POW

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