Newsday Crossword September 15 2021 Answers

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Newsday Crossword September 15 2021 Answers:

Secret plot 5 letters CABAL
Actress Stone or Watson 4 letters EMMA
Shoo! 4 letters SCAT
Show remorse 5 letters ATONE
Sound like a lion 4 letters ROAR
Had on 4 letters WORE
Terrible tot 10 letters TWOYEAROLD
Nickname for Ireland 4 letters ERIN
__ Diego CA 3 letters SAN
Prohibit by law 3 letters BAN
Makes corrections to 6 letters EMENDS
Begin to blush 6 letters REDDEN
Pesky flies 5 letters GNATS
New Year’s Eve party song 12 letters
Where land meets ocean 5 letters SHORE
Days before holidays 4 letters EVES
Sunbeam 3 letters RAY
Took one’s turn 4 letters WENT
Birds that coo 5 letters DOVES
Artist’s inspiration 4 letters MUSE
Tax agcy. 3 letters IRS
Smallest Great Lake 4 letters ERIE
Dads 5 letters PAPAS
Nashville music show 12 letters
Makes a jump 5 letters LEAPS
Elevator stops 6 letters FLOORS
Cooks over boiling water 6 letters STEAMS
__ carte menu 3 letters ALA
One __ time (singly) 3 letters ATA
Informal isn’t 4 letters AINT
Show Boat song 10 letters OLMANRIVER
Much-admired celebrity 4 letters IDOL
One end of a bed 4 letters FOOT
Keep from happening 5 letters AVERT
Damp as a lawn at dawn 4 letters DEWY
Firecracker’s cord 4 letters FUSE
Minimal money 5 letters PENNY
Leopards and lions 4 letters CATS
Engaged in combat 5 letters ATWAR
Legendary trailblazer Daniel 5 letters BOONE
Whichever 3 letters ANY
Director Spike 3 letters LEE
Quick trip to the store 6 letters ERRAND
Once in a blue __ 4 letters MOON
Prefix meaning bad 3 letters MAL
Battle of the Bulge region of Belgium 8 letters ARDENNES
Candies and cookies 6 letters SWEETS
Sugar substitute in foods 9 letters CORNSYRUP
Getting little rainfall 4 letters ARID
Cash register compartment 4 letters TENS
Cain’s younger brother 4 letters ABEL
Issues sold at newsstands 4 letters MAGS
Pointy pub game projectile 4 letters DART
Scheduled to arrive 3 letters DUE
Donated 4 letters GAVE
River’s flood barrier 5 letters LEVEE
Rocket launching agency 4 letters NASA
Private __ (detectives) 4 letters EYES
Big gulp 4 letters SWIG
Mister in Munich 4 letters HERR
Store ad phrase 9 letters ONSALENOW
Falls asleep 8 letters DROPSOFF
Stops as a squeak 4 letters OILS
Tuna salad ingredient 4 letters MAYO
Dutch cheese 4 letters EDAM
Paid player 3 letters PRO
In a tidy way 6 letters NEATLY
Recently 6 letters OFLATE
Think ahead 4 letters PLAN
Poe’s black bird 5 letters RAVEN
Back of a boat 5 letters STERN
Uttered 4 letters SAID
Sand castle’s undoing 4 letters TIDE
Pop singer Tori 4 letters AMOS
Overly stylish 4 letters ARTY
Baseball great Gehrig 3 letters LOU
Knock on the door 3 letters RAP
__ been thinking . . . 3 letters IVE

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