Newsday Crossword September 14 2021 Answers

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Newsday Crossword September 14 2021 Answers:

Take place 5 letters OCCUR
Castaway’s escape vehicle 4 letters RAFT
Burrowing lawn invader 4 letters MOLE
Nary a soul 5 letters NOONE
German and French currency 4 letters EURO
Very dry 4 letters ARID
Puffy sight in the sky 5 letters CLOUD
Slow running pace 4 letters TROT
Mouthpiece for a clarinet 4 letters REED
Black-and-white dog 9 letters DALMATIAN
Dark hardwood 5 letters EBONY
Tell an untruth 3 letters LIE
Wrench or pliers 4 letters TOOL
Student’s cash allowance 7 letters STIPEND
Wealthy 7 letters MONEYED
Male voices higher than basses 6 letters TENORS
Clumsy person 3 letters OAF
__ Canaveral FL 4 letters CAPE
Cancel a project 5 letters ENDIT
Lapel jewelry 3 letters PIN
Lightweight model wood 5 letters BALSA
A __ apple 4 letters ASIN
Without exception 3 letters ALL
Add to the payroll 6 letters TAKEON
Determine the size of 7 letters MEASURE
Places to see dinosaurs or mummies 7 letters MUSEUMS
¿Cómo __ usted? 4 letters ESTA
Anger 3 letters IRE
High-pitched woodwind 5 letters FLUTE
Yellow-and-brown bloom 9 letters SUNFLOWER
Sign of corrosion 4 letters RUST
Brief office note 4 letters MEMO
Elude 5 letters EVADE
Prefix meaning everything 4 letters OMNI
Aroma 4 letters ODOR
Nickname for an NCO 5 letters SARGE
Film-rating org. 4 letters MPAA
Chinese stir-fry pans 4 letters WOKS
Smooth and glossy 5 letters SLEEK
How most ’90s music was sold 4 letters ONCD
Coke or Pepsi 4 letters COLA
Add ice cubes to 4 letters COOL
E pluribus __ 4 letters UNUM
Crisis signal 8 letters REDALERT
Tightened as laces 6 letters RETIED
Mystical glow 4 letters AURA
Guy who’s the lead singer 8 letters FRONTMAN
Little kid 3 letters TOT
Yellow-and-brown dessert 10 letters MARBLECAKE
Three-layer cookie 4 letters OREO
Property claim 4 letters LIEN
Small whirlpool 4 letters EDDY
Pie pans 4 letters TINS
Very long time period 3 letters EON
Comics sound of distress 3 letters OOF
Vapor from a teakettle 5 letters STEAM
Feeling antsy 5 letters TENSE
Taj Mahal’s country 5 letters INDIA
Red-and-white Christmas plant 10 letters POINSETTIA
New Haven sch. 5 letters YALEU
__ salts (bathwater additive) 5 letters EPSOM
College officials 5 letters DEANS
Liquid for frying 3 letters OIL
By all means! 8 letters PLEASEDO
With no justification 8 letters BASELESS
Sculpture or mural 3 letters ART
Surf and __ (lobster/steak dinner) 4 letters TURF
Find a purpose for 3 letters USE
People not yet 18 6 letters MINORS
A native of 4 letters FROM
Sugar cube 4 letters LUMP
Annapolis campus: Abbr. 4 letters USNA
Hesitant agreement 4 letters UMOK
Racetrack shape 4 letters OVAL
Suffix for silver or dinner 4 letters WARE
Slight advantage 4 letters EDGE
Smell bad 4 letters REEK
Trim the lawn 3 letters MOW

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