Newsday Crossword October 31 2020 Answers

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Newsday Crossword October 31 2020 Answers:

Macbeth witches’ place 5 letters HEATH
Very clever 8 letters INSPIRED
Yawn-inducing 6 letters OLDHAT
Temp’s downfall 8 letters COLDWAVE
Into 6 letters LOVING
In installments 8 letters EPISODIC
Materials to be used e.g. 4 letters SPEC
Did zip 5 letters IDLED
Western union 4 letters NATO
Fundraiser scrapped by rain 4 letters TENK
Opposition 4 letters FOES
Scattered 5 letters STRAY
Two after sew in a Sound of Music song 3 letters TEA
Prize 6 letters ESTEEM
Many of today’s tennis pros 8 letters GRUNTERS
Oblique 6 letters VEILED
What high schoolers sometimes get free 7 letters PERIODS
Inaugurate 7 letters PIONEER
Brown named for a town 6 letters SIENNA
Getting enough sleep eating well etc. 8 letters SELFCARE
Time to play! 6 letters GAMEON
Wildflower habitat 3 letters FEN
Connors’ current emulator per Connors 5 letters NADAL
Avaricious outburst 4 letters MINE
Flimsy lock 4 letters WISP
Expecting eagerly 4 letters AGOG
Involves in intrigue 5 letters MIRES
__ something 4 letters ONTO
Union contract specification 8 letters BASEWAGE
They’re loaded 6 letters CARGOS
Sheets but not pillowcases 8 letters OVENWARE
What Martha Stewart braises with mustard vinaigrette 6 letters ENDIVE
Instructions to a sitter 8 letters BEDTIMES
TV Land Groundbreaking Show awardee (2004) 5 letters ASNER
British contemporary of Richard Strauss 5 letters HOLST
Get away from Handel operas 5 letters ELOPE
. . . Tin Tin plot portion per the title 9 letters ADVENTURE
Yogurt or oatmeal 15 letters THICKENINGAGENT
World’s largest ethnic group (1+ billion) 3 letters HAN
How some coolers are made 7 letters ICELESS
Anti-bug brand 6 letters NOPEST
Couldn’t stay up 4 letters SLID
Chief-led orgs. 3 letters PDS
To get right to the point . . . 15 letters IWONTMINCEWORDS
Acronym coined by the US Signal Corps (1939) 5 letters RADAR
First British Best Musical Tony winner 5 letters EVITA
Draw off 5 letters DECOY
How you may spell Relief! 4 letters TGIF
Industry exemplars 5 letters DOERS
Accompany before training say 6 letters SEEOFF
Far from dulcet 6 letters ATONAL
Really mean 4 letters EVIL
What Forerunner watches have 3 letters GPS
Co-op seller for campers 3 letters REI
Aged it pairs well with pears 4 letters EDAM
Trying to catch better perhaps 9 letters LEANINGIN
Ballad’s conclusion 3 letters EER
50 Cent mentor 3 letters DRE
Tubes watched in the kitchen 5 letters PENNE
Bashes 7 letters SOIREES
Fermi as a new Nobelist 6 letters EMIGRE
Influential figure 5 letters NABOB
Yucca relative 5 letters AGAVE
Did some doctoring for 5 letters DOSED
Kin of -ify 4 letters ESCE
Pot spot 5 letters STOVE
It’s not easy 5 letters POSER
Address often heard in Netflix’s The Crown 4 letters MAAM
What TS Eliot was turned down for 3 letters WWI

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