Newsday Crossword October 30 2020 Answers

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Newsday Crossword October 30 2020 Answers:

Level for one 4 letters TOOL
Coats named for their Scottish inventor 4 letters MACS
Cookout serving 5 letters KABOB
Stop lying 4 letters RISE
Really long 4 letters ACHE
Gobsmacked 5 letters INAWE
__ mater 4 letters ALMA
Metaphor for secrecy 4 letters VEIL
Great bird in the Everglades 5 letters EGRET
Tropical ray 5 letters MANTA
Wayfarer’s stop 3 letters INN
Moussaka ingredient 4 letters LAMB
State co-ruled by Macron 7 letters ANDORRA
Dannon sister brand 7 letters ACTIVIA
Nihilistic art movement 4 letters DADA
Miss America host after Bert Parks 6 letters RONELY
. . . OR __ 13 letters YOURMONEYBACK
In stitches 6 letters SEWNUP
Sort 4 letters TYPE
Mister Rogers’ Mr. McFeely 7 letters MAILMAN
Principled 7 letters ETHICAL
Architectural plan info 4 letters AREA
Milne marsupial 3 letters ROO
Geode rock often 5 letters AGATE
Not at all limber 5 letters STIFF
Joyce’s homeland 4 letters EIRE
Divine mother of the pharaohs 4 letters ISIS
Beauts 5 letters LULUS
Rebel Alliance princess 4 letters LEIA
Graffiti signatures 4 letters TAGS
Clear material for short 5 letters CELLO
Over here! 4 letters PSST
Inventor Rubik 4 letters ERNO
ER doctor’s expertise 6 letters TRAUMA
Crankcase reservoir 6 letters OILPAN
Seven-sibling singing surname 6 letters OSMOND
Crude shelter 6 letters LEANTO
Mark Cuban’s hoop group 4 letters MAVS
Go-to people 4 letters ACES
What covers some dogs 5 letters CHILI
Pop singer Gomez 6 letters SELENA
Eastern European capital 4 letters KIEV
Recent Maleficent portrayer 8 letters ANGELINA
Form of chocolate 3 letters BAR
Fall behind in bills 3 letters OWE
Venture 3 letters BET
Where the auditory canal ends 7 letters EARDRUM
Make secret as a transmission 7 letters ENCRYPT
Opposite of sans 4 letters AVEC
Exploit to the fullest 4 letters MILK
Water under some bridges 3 letters BAY
Defensive barrier 7 letters RAMPART
Trivial tempest 3 letters ADO
Available 7 letters TOBEHAD
Transporter of scraps 3 letters ANT
Stat for a sommelier 4 letters YEAR
Toddler’s scrape 4 letters OWIE
Illicit 8 letters UNLAWFUL
Where some drops end up 3 letters EYE
Pint-sized to Burns 3 letters SMA
Of little use 6 letters NOHELP
Kindle 6 letters IGNITE
Word in the etymology of czar 6 letters CAESAR
Email necessity 6 letters ATSIGN
Not as much 6 letters LESSSO
Sooners 5 letters OKIES
Assuming that . . . 4 letters IFSO
40 Down’s diaphragm 4 letters IRIS
Cleverly done 4 letters NEAT
UT’s largest airport 3 letters SLC
Calendar watch letters 3 letters TUE
__ say! 3 letters ILL

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