Newsday Crossword October 23 2021 Answers

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Newsday Crossword October 23 2021 Answers:

Went off with a bang 6 letters BLEWUP
Drove home 8 letters STRESSED
Update say 6 letters REVISE
Trattoria’s tiny toast 8 letters CROSTINI
They’re made for correction 6 letters AMENDS
Balloonists’ devices 8 letters RIPCORDS
No longer available 4 letters GONE
Break in the action 5 letters TRUCE
Cheat in a kid’s game 4 letters PEEK
Potentially offensive 4 letters UNPC
Husky’s opposite 5 letters LANKY
What certain drops are 4 letters MEDS
Stand-in for absentees 4 letters ETAL
Vatican to geographers 7 letters ENCLAVE
Return to your base 5 letters TAGUP
Decoration candidate 4 letters HERO
Construction site carrier 3 letters HOD
Above-center piano key 7 letters TREBLEC
Serving in a paper cup 7 letters SNOCONE
Comic Con costumes 3 letters ETS
First Prophet of Islam 4 letters ADAM
Master of psychological drama 5 letters MAMET
Embodiment of nonappreciation 7 letters INGRATE
World’s largest brickmaker 4 letters LEGO
Text with your phone 4 letters PING
Woody source of wines 5 letters ELDER
Slavic Johannes 4 letters IVAN
By and by 4 letters ANON
Big name on cake boxes 5 letters HINES
Carbs around fillings 4 letters PITA
Solemn assurance 8 letters IPROMISE
Slam dunks a challenge 6 letters ACESIT
Log-shaped desserts 8 letters NUTROLLS
Fare well 6 letters THRIVE
Points to the sky 8 letters STEEPLES
Added relish to 6 letters ZESTED
French zipper (no not a minor boast) 9 letters BRAGUETTE
Wedge-shaped dessert 9 letters LEMONTART
They tell only half the story 9 letters EVENPAGES
NPR brand extension 8 letters WINECLUB
What about .75 GBP can buy 3 letters USD
Word from the Latin for crush 6 letters PESTLE
Walk-on-gravel sound 7 letters SCRUNCH
Slow flows 8 letters TRICKLES
Hammock-mending material 8 letters ROPEYARN
Key to getting out 3 letters ESC
Jokester’s preamble 6 letters STOPME
Emphatic ending 5 letters SIREE
Wound up 5 letters ENDED
Inedible chips frequently 5 letters DISKS
Oversaw 3 letters RAN
Racing engine sound 4 letters VOOM
Get ready for work 4 letters PLAN
Outpatient perk 9 letters HOMEVISIT
Uncommon bank deposit 9 letters ONEGATIVE
Went off with a bang 9 letters DETONATED
Escarpment site of an English Civil War battle 8 letters EDGEHILL
Six-decade game show panelist in A Night at the Opera 8 letters CARLISLE
Two-legged tools 8 letters CALIPERS
Much __ is divinest Sense: Dickinson 7 letters MADNESS
Brush off 6 letters IGNORE
Night’s end 3 letters TEE
Simulated 6 letters ERSATZ
Considerable effort 5 letters PAINS
Cable router connection 5 letters INPUT
Punto cardinal 5 letters NORTE
Water mover/remover 3 letters MOP
Nickname that’s Argentine for Dude! 3 letters CHE

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