Newsday Crossword October 22 2021 Answers

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Newsday Crossword October 22 2021 Answers:

Prince Lestat author 4 letters RICE
Renders imperfect perhaps 4 letters MARS
Swarm around 3 letters MOB
Legendary storyteller 5 letters AESOP
Bestriding 4 letters ATOP
Draft designation 3 letters IPA
8577 miles nonstop 14 letters
Copland ballet that includes Hoe-Down 5 letters RODEO
Expression of surprise 4 letters OHMY
Smoke detector output 4 letters IONS
Bart and Maggie’s grandpa 3 letters ABE
Power for some grills 3 letters GAS
Most unenviable 5 letters WORST
8221 miles nonstop 15 letters
Quick buzzer 3 letters BEE
Egret cousin 4 letters IBIS
Small squirt 3 letters TOT
Whole bunch (of) 4 letters MESS
The head honcho 5 letters MRBIG
Data measure 4 letters BYTE
Comics sound of distress 3 letters ACK
One-on-one sport 4 letters EPEE
Contemplation exclamation 3 letters HMM
7939 miles nonstop 15 letters
Large library book 5 letters ATLAS
One-named R&B vocalist 3 letters MYA
Purely 3 letters ALL
What’s called in Congress 4 letters ROLL
What cafe servers provide 4 letters WIFI
ZZZQuil alternative 5 letters NYTOL
9032 miles nonstop 14 letters
FDR’s price control agency 3 letters NRA
River near Stonehenge 4 letters AVON
It might say CAKE BOSS 5 letters APRON
53 Across offerer 3 letters ISP
Disclaim 4 letters DENY
Ritzy retail chain 4 letters SAKS
Audiobook voice 6 letters READER
Spot in the sea 4 letters ISLE
Cathedral city on the Rhine 7 letters COLOGNE
UV Index monitor 3 letters EPA
High school department 4 letters MATH
Source of 20 Across 4 letters ATOM
Looking up 4 letters ROSY
Observe on the sly 3 letters SPY
Childhood 8 letters MINORITY
Position to be filled 8 letters OPENSLOT
Massachusetts nickname 8 letters BAYSTATE
Mexican marinade 5 letters ADOBO
Less than great 4 letters SOSO
Titanic theme singer 4 letters DION
Habitué so to speak 3 letters RAT
Back to speed on a score 6 letters ATEMPO
Consisted of 3 letters WAS
OED long ago tag 3 letters OBS
World’s highest region 5 letters TIBET
Broad band in East Asia 3 letters OBI
Of superior strength 6 letters MIGHTY
Hindi for great queen 8 letters MAHARANI
Green vacations 8 letters ECOTOURS
Pope’s topper 8 letters SKULLCAP
__ Faire 3 letters REN
Song licensing org. 3 letters BMI
Rescuers in an ’82 Spielberg film 3 letters ETS
Rustic couple 7 letters MAANDPA
MD in 1955 headlines 4 letters SALK
Don’t use 4 letters OMIT
Compassionate sentiment 6 letters PATHOS
Web mortgage broker 5 letters ELOAN
It’s not good 3 letters ILL
Offshore ride 4 letters WAVE
A party to 4 letters INON
Letters on Big Apple’s Bravest hats 4 letters FDNY
Part of 55 Down 4 letters YORK
Young man 3 letters LAD
DC-based alliance 3 letters OAS

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