Newsday Crossword October 21 2021 Answers

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Newsday Crossword October 21 2021 Answers:

Nontraditional for short 3 letters ALT
Driver assistance system 6 letters ONSTAR
Have status 4 letters RATE
Unimpressed response 3 letters MEH
High-end 6 letters DELUXE
Large number 4 letters SLEW
Please help 15 letters
Meadow meals 7 letters GRASSES
How far down 5 letters DEPTH
Dots on travel map searches 4 letters ATMS
Wine word 3 letters SEC
Inconclusive result 3 letters TIE
Can you tell me about it? 15 letters
YMCA grammar class 3 letters ESL
People are saying . . . 5 letters IHEAR
Out of concern that 4 letters LEST
Family member 9 letters GREATAUNT
Kin to 34 Across 4 letters ELSE
Closely compacted 5 letters DENSE
Creator of Kinsey 3 letters SUE
I’m not sure 15 letters
Baltimore Ravens raven mascot 3 letters POE
80s First Son 3 letters RON
Shakespearean schemer 4 letters IAGO
Stylishly smooth 5 letters SLEEK
Cowpoke’s sack 7 letters BEDROLL
We’ll solve this together 15 letters
Drinks on draft 4 letters ALES
Stake tents 6 letters ENCAMP
It means updated 3 letters NEO
Fire starter 4 letters PYRO
Where to buy nesting dolls 6 letters RUSSIA
Shoguns’ capital 3 letters EDO
Monte Carlo compatriot 3 letters AMI
Horse race measures 7 letters LENGTHS
Heat-retaining 7 letters THERMAL
Horse race numbers 4 letters ODDS
Bitter ender 4 letters NESS
Plumlike fruit 4 letters SLOE
Rolaids rival 4 letters TUMS
Tool on firetrucks 3 letters AXE
Bar code scanner 6 letters READER
Tell ’em you’ll be there 4 letters RSVP
Not much 7 letters ALITTLE
Computer gurus 7 letters TECHIES
Feta source 3 letters EWE
Cardinal point 4 letters EAST
Jazz Age art 4 letters DECO
Really grab 3 letters AWE
Jumped 6 letters SPRANG
Fire Dept. employee 3 letters EMT
Formal address 3 letters SIR
Not just any 3 letters THE
Return to shore 6 letters HEADIN
Served and gone 5 letters EATEN
Lunch not served on El Al 3 letters BLT
The heck you say! 3 letters GEE
Fleet designation 3 letters USS
Just arrived 3 letters NEW
Uncommon sense 3 letters ESP
More or less 7 letters LOOSELY
Ore processing place 7 letters SMELTER
Isolated and not liking it 7 letters SOALONE
Fallen apart in a way 7 letters UNGLUED
Braggart’s overabundance 3 letters EGO
Not kosher 4 letters TREF
More corny 6 letters HOKIER
Highly humorous happening 4 letters RIOT
Venerable petrol brand 4 letters ESSO
Tampa Bay gridders in headlines 4 letters BUCS
Significant decades 4 letters ERAS
Moore of movies 4 letters DEMI
Seacrest TV partner 4 letters RIPA
Round trip on a track 3 letters LAP
African bearded beast 3 letters GNU
Overabundantly 3 letters TOO

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