Newsday Crossword October 14 2021 Answers

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Newsday Crossword October 14 2021 Answers:

Diets drastically 5 letters FASTS
Red Muppet 4 letters ELMO
Jabberwocky starter 4 letters TWAS
Eradicate 5 letters ERASE
Loathsome one 4 letters TOAD
Large group 4 letters ARMY
C to E flat e.g. 10 letters MINORTHIRD
Horseshoe locale 4 letters HOOF
Beside oneself 3 letters MAD
Soup partner for bacon 4 letters BEAN
Two-bit 5 letters DINKY
__ Fields (mythical paradise) 7 letters ELYSIAN
Sandburg’s language that rolls up its sleeves 5 letters SLANG
Decline to respond 12 letters TAKETHEFIFTH
Learned 4 letters WISE
Force to step down 4 letters OUST
Contents of some deep pockets 3 letters ORE
Wax-coated cheese 4 letters EDAM
Type styles 5 letters FONTS
Decant 4 letters POUR
Thriller writer Deighton 3 letters LEN
Trilled or tattled 4 letters SANG
Pac-12 team 4 letters UTES
Left Bank neighborhood 12 letters
Somewhat wrong 5 letters AMISS
Fresh start 7 letters RENEWAL
Rework into a screenplay 5 letters ADAPT
Fill beyond full 4 letters SATE
Anderson Cooper as a collegian 3 letters ELI
Enjoy a repast 4 letters DINE
Spouse so to speak 10 letters BETTERHALF
Asia’s vanishing __ Sea 4 letters ARAL
Watery War of 1812 battleground 4 letters ERIE
Put pedal to metal 5 letters GUNIT
Cleanup candidate 4 letters MESS
Sort of shortening 4 letters LARD
What nods indicate 5 letters YESES
Parisienne par exemple 5 letters FEMME
Common computer typeface 5 letters ARIAL
Like dunes and beaches 5 letters SANDY
General on Chinese menus 3 letters TSO
Balkan republic 6 letters SERBIA
Gas in natural gas 6 letters ETHANE
Steak cut 4 letters LOIN
Despoil 3 letters MAR
Not the usual 3 letters ODD
Greek bread spread 6 letters TAHINI
Metaphor for a bad start 9 letters WRONGFOOT
Riotously 4 letters AMOK
Resident Alien cable channel 4 letters SYFY
Tropical hardwood 4 letters TEAK
Moonstruck 4 letters DAFT
Blossom holder 4 letters STEM
Out of business 4 letters SHUT
Not as intense 4 letters LESS
South Seas kingdom 5 letters TONGA
Well-aligned 4 letters WAHR
Possessive pronoun 4 letters HERS
Skillfully 4 letters WELL
Cartoon light bulb 4 letters IDEA
Southern California blowhards? 9 letters SANTAANAS
Online assistance staple 4 letters FAQS
Heavy duty 4 letters ONUS
Unmitigated 4 letters PURE
Piqued state 4 letters SNIT
Drives forward 6 letters IMPELS
Too violent for PG perhaps 6 letters RRATED
Henri’s head 4 letters TETE
Part of an Einsteinian equation 6 letters ENERGY
Withdraws from slowly 5 letters WEANS
Holden’s Catcher in the Rye brother 5 letters ALLIE
Certain shoe inserts 5 letters LIFTS
Sistine ceiling subject 4 letters ADAM
Fraught with peril 4 letters DIRE
Start to waken 4 letters STIR
__ Paese (Italian cheese) 3 letters BEL
What a coup might complete 3 letters ERA
Coloration 3 letters HUE

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