Newsday Crossword October 13 2021 Answers

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Newsday Crossword October 13 2021 Answers:

Wooden strip 4 letters SLAT
Thinnest American coin 4 letters DIME
They’re sealed to keep a secret 4 letters LIPS
Source of ancient fables 5 letters AESOP
Teheran’s nation 4 letters IRAN
All over again 4 letters ANEW
Earnings before overtime 10 letters BASESALARY
Brit’s So long! 4 letters TATA
NASA spacewalk 3 letters EVA
100% 3 letters ALL
Pantry for example 7 letters CABINET
New version of an old film 6 letters REMAKE
Prefix meaning singular 3 letters UNI
Unvarying amount paid from a pension 11 letters FIXEDINCOME
Widespread renown 4 letters FAME
Roman agriculture goddess 5 letters CERES
Sound-boosting equipment 3 letters AMP
Cat’s scratcher 4 letters CLAW
Sharpened 5 letters HONED
Mix with a spoon 4 letters STIR
Gear tooth 3 letters COG
Altercation 5 letters RUNIN
High-fat low-carb diet 4 letters KETO
Earnings after deductions 11 letters
Meditative sect 3 letters ZEN
Votes into office 6 letters ELECTS
Opened with a letter opener 7 letters SLITTED
Luau finger food 3 letters POI
Falsehood 3 letters LIE
Refuses to 4 letters WONT
Enough to get by on 10 letters LIVINGWAGE
Eve’s second son 4 letters ABEL
Bard of __ (Shakespeare) 4 letters AVON
Specified 5 letters NAMED
Tip of an airplane 4 letters NOSE
Attorney’s expertise 4 letters LAWS
Nimble 4 letters SPRY
Cavalry sword 5 letters SABER
Exit the premises 5 letters LEAVE
Black tea of India 5 letters ASSAM
Tic-tac-__ 3 letters TOE
Pickle flavoring 4 letters DILL
Nest egg acronym 3 letters IRA
Artist Chagall 4 letters MARC
Irish New Age singer 4 letters ENYA
Hispanic-American guy 6 letters LATINO
__ object (rock or chair) 9 letters INANIMATE
St. __ (Tampa neighbor) 4 letters PETE
Police crisis team 4 letters SWAT
Biden spokesperson Jen 5 letters PSAKI
Roots author Haley 4 letters ALEX
Tampa Bay NFLers for short 4 letters BUCS
Not very many 4 letters AFEW
Money-saving in product names 5 letters ECONO
Overalls fabric 5 letters DENIM
Hurricane that followed Harvey in 2011 5 letters IRENE
Neighbor of Marge and Homer 3 letters NED
Give off 4 letters EMIT
Media monitoring agcy. 3 letters FCC
Very many 4 letters ALOT
Many monthly issues 9 letters MAGAZINES
Reliable authority 3 letters PRO
What did you say? 3 letters HUH
__ terrier (Scottish dog breed) 4 letters SKYE
Leaser’s payment 4 letters RENT
Teapot 6 letters KETTLE
Lowly worker 4 letters PEON
Calibrate as tires 5 letters ALIGN
Workbench gripper 5 letters CLAMP
Striped predator 5 letters TIGER
Poorly maintained 5 letters SEEDY
Long-necked water bird 4 letters SWAN
Southwestern wolf 4 letters LOBO
Israeli airline 4 letters ELAL
Female opera star 4 letters DIVA
Lapel adornments 4 letters PINS
Solemn promise 3 letters VOW
Once worked as 3 letters WAS

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