Newsday Crossword May 6 2021 Answers

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Newsday Crossword May 6 2021 Answers:

Go check it out job 5 letters RECON
Anatomical food grabber 5 letters TALON
Sometimes called 3 letters AKA
Panhandle state 5 letters IDAHO
Alphabet ender 5 letters OMEGA
Business card abbr. 3 letters TEL
Throwaways from chewers 11 letters
Three-part prefix 3 letters TRI
Scoreboard addition 5 letters POINT
Unburdening 6 letters EASING
Office-inappropriate for short 4 letters NSFW
Stoppers in soccer 4 letters NETS
Big name among British builders 4 letters WREN
Ring master of yore 3 letters ALI
Throwaways from fruit eaters 11 letters BANANAPEELS
Coat for snow days 5 letters PARKA
You at the moment 6 letters SOLVER
Disinclined (to) 6 letters AVERSE
Maintains order at a meeting 6 letters GAVELS
Pump-filled furniture 6 letters AIRBED
Name meaning born again 5 letters RENEE
Throwaways after breakfasts 11 letters MILKCARTONS
Neutral slacks shade 3 letters TAN
English horn cousin 4 letters OBOE
Island east of Java 4 letters BALI
Sort (through) 4 letters SIFT
Where ink meets paper 6 letters PENNIB
Knock over 5 letters UPSET
Boiling feeling 3 letters IRE
Throwaways from nut eaters 11 letters PECANSHELLS
No goals yet score 3 letters NIL
Multiple choice choices at times 5 letters ABORC
Farm song conclusion 5 letters EIEIO
Merry 3 letters GAY
Bond’s boss in Skyfall 5 letters DENCH
Range through seven nations 5 letters ANDES
Construct hastily with up 3 letters RIG
Dean’s address ender 3 letters EDU
Construction near tents 8 letters CAMPFIRE
That’s exciting news! 5 letters OHWOW
Me neither 4 letters NORI
Lists of bests 7 letters TOPTENS
Box for blasting 3 letters AMP
Common Korean surname 3 letters LEE
Mean monster 4 letters OGRE
Spacesuit logo 4 letters NASA
What to wear 6 letters ATTIRE
Central part 6 letters KERNEL
Straightens 6 letters ALIGNS
Tolstoy woman 4 letters ANNA
Steer to avoid something 6 letters SWERVE
Wine Train valley 4 letters NAPA
Balkans native 4 letters SLAV
Confucian principle 3 letters TAO
NBC weekend staple 3 letters SNL
Elementary 5 letters BASIC
Mean in brief 3 letters AVG
Certain orchard harvest 5 letters PEARS
Seattle’s new sea monster NHL team 6 letters KRAKEN
Significant stretch 3 letters ERA
Deserving to get it 8 letters ENTITLED
The Maple __ Forever (Canadian anthem) 4 letters LEAF
Emailer notification 4 letters SENT
Returning soon letters 3 letters BRB
Touchdown stat 3 letters ETA
Meet to eat maybe 7 letters DOLUNCH
Acting down 6 letters MOPING
Where Gibraltar is 6 letters IBERIA
I Wandered __ as a Cloud (Wordsworth poem) 6 letters LONELY
Chills in the air 4 letters NIPS
Greet while butlering 5 letters SEEIN
Server’s order-taking tech 4 letters IPAD
Actress Neuwirth 4 letters BEBE
__ butter (moisturizer) 4 letters SHEA
With in musical directions 3 letters CON
Rocket trajectory 3 letters ARC
Trust buster 3 letters LIE
Plea for rescue 3 letters SOS

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