Newsday Crossword May 10 2021 Answers

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Newsday Crossword May 10 2021 Answers:

Ink smear 4 letters BLOT
Tachometer numbers: Abbr. 4 letters RPMS
Chimney dust 4 letters SOOT
Texas landmark to remember 5 letters ALAMO
Basketball target 4 letters HOOP
Cab 4 letters TAXI
Black bird 5 letters RAVEN
Worldwide: Abbr. 4 letters INTL
Throat-clearing sound 4 letters AHEM
Man’s altering an opinion 15 letters
Most important numero 3 letters UNO
Fill in __ blank 3 letters THE
Tree sources of pancake syrup 6 letters MAPLES
In addition 4 letters ALSO
On the __ (fleeing) 3 letters LAM
Neighborhood 4 letters AREA
Be jealous of 4 letters ENVY
Temporary peace 5 letters TRUCE
Much-welcomed verbal statement 15 letters
Home that might be humble 5 letters ABODE
__ colada (rum cocktail) 4 letters PINA
Club members’ payments 4 letters DUES
__ in Sam 3 letters SAS
Require 4 letters NEED
Shiny as a photo 6 letters GLOSSY
And so on: Abbr. 3 letters ETC
Take a glance at 3 letters SEE
Compliments a woman 15 letters
Aroma 4 letters ODOR
Woodwind instrument 4 letters OBOE
Wooden peg 5 letters DOWEL
Worked on a loom 4 letters WOVE
Make less difficult 4 letters EASE
Pisa’s country 5 letters ITALY
Narrow wooden strip 4 letters SLAT
Altered the color of 4 letters DYED
Catches as a criminal 4 letters NABS
Uninteresting informally 4 letters BLAH
Volcano’s outflow 4 letters LAVA
Sign of the future 4 letters OMEN
Shoe part below the laces 6 letters TONGUE
Nose-horned African beast 5 letters RHINO
Ping-__ (paddle game) 4 letters PONG
Butterfly cousin 4 letters MOTH
Divides up 6 letters SPLITS
Montana or Maine 5 letters STATE
Island near Maui 4 letters OAHU
Yoked beasts of burden 4 letters OXEN
One at a __ (individually) 4 letters TIME
Curved line 3 letters ARC
Map closeup 5 letters INSET
Small glasses of liquor 5 letters SHOTS
Tots’ female parents 5 letters MAMAS
Dutch Caribbean island 5 letters ARUBA
Mexican coins 5 letters PESOS
Installed as bricks 4 letters LAID
Steer clear of 5 letters AVOID
Country singer Loretta 4 letters LYNN
Hawaiian feasts 5 letters LUAUS
Farmland measures 5 letters ACRES
Untidy 5 letters MESSY
Slangy refusal 4 letters NOPE
Make over 4 letters REDO
Fractions of a dollar 5 letters CENTS
Impatient to get started 5 letters EAGER
Reverberated 6 letters ECHOED
Welcome through the door 6 letters LEADIN
Type of heron 5 letters EGRET
Velocity 5 letters SPEED
Female pigs 4 letters SOWS
Revered celebrity 4 letters IDOL
__ Scotia (Canadian province) 4 letters NOVA
Internet auction site 4 letters EBAY
Valentine flower 4 letters ROSE
Slightest amount 4 letters IOTA
Small cotton-tipped stick 4 letters SWAB
Electric fishes 4 letters EELS
Crafty 3 letters SLY

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