Newsday Crossword March 6 2021 Answers

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Newsday Crossword March 6 2021 Answers:

Placement on stage sets 4 letters PROP
Banana Republic owner 6 letters THEGAP
School of whales 3 letters GAM
It’s under an eyebrow 4 letters LENS
It’s under an eyebrow 6 letters RETINA
The Ducks on scoreboards 3 letters ANA
Pixar’s owner of Woody and Buzz 4 letters ANDY
Talks up 6 letters EXALTS
Foul territory 3 letters STY
Compliment on a comeback 6 letters TOUCHE
Talk down 3 letters DIS
Start to squeak 3 letters PIP
Choice words 8 letters EITHEROR
Totaled 6 letters CAMETO
Without butter say 3 letters DRY
Long-distance specialist 5 letters MILER
Marine descriptor 5 letters TIDAL
Wicked group 7 letters CANDLES
LEGO inventor by birth 4 letters DANE
Travel assistance at airports 15 letters
Sounded like 4 letters APED
They have true grit 7 letters SANDERS
Get your life back 5 letters RENEW
Needing hoeing 5 letters WEEDY
Hammerstein female 3 letters DOE
How Travolta acted for Hairspray 6 letters INDRAG
Eyes-closed activity 8 letters SNEEZING
Electrify 3 letters AWE
A 1776 singer 3 letters LEE
Impetus 6 letters DRIVER
Word seen 10+ times in Exodus 20 3 letters NOT
Make cherished 6 letters ENDEAR
Water carrier 4 letters PIPE
Illustrative material 3 letters ART
90s toon Manx 6 letters STIMPY
Detachment on the march 4 letters UNIT
Punk subgenre 3 letters SKA
Quite sharp 6 letters ASTUTE
Keeps contained 4 letters PENS
Armored for instance 6 letters PLATED
Ami of Manet 6 letters RENOIR
Patrolling perhaps 6 letters ONDUTY
Undergrad major 5 letters PSYCH
Dendrochronology study 9 letters TREERINGS
Enchant 3 letters HEX
What a limo driver confirms 3 letters ETA
Brighten up 4 letters GILD
Funny business 5 letters ANTIC
Camry competitor 6 letters PASSAT
Step on it 8 letters GASPEDAL
Defensive weapon descriptor 8 letters ANTITANK
Focus of Euro spring festivals 8 letters MAYPOLES
Gladiator type of guy 5 letters HEMAN
Inedible chestnut 6 letters OLDSAW
Makes a tailoring update 7 letters RELINES
Exemplar of avarice 5 letters MIDAS
Flush 6 letters REDDEN
Product from a press 5 letters CIDER
Loaf around a lunchroom 9 letters SEEDEDRYE
Guam’s group 8 letters MARIANAS
Lace and embroidery 8 letters OPENWORK
Noun related to vindictive 8 letters VENDETTA
More contorted 5 letters WRYER
Electrician/politician/Nobelist 6 letters WALESA
End of a Pope proverb 6 letters DIVINE
What often prevents a strike 6 letters ONEPIN
Swamp things 6 letters EGRETS
Word on many diner doors 5 letters GENTS
Keep a chill out perhaps 5 letters ZIPUP
Tidy up in a way 4 letters EDIT
__ oil (moisturizer) 3 letters EMU
Just right for the moment 3 letters APT

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