Newsday Crossword June 22 2021 Answers

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Newsday Crossword June 22 2021 Answers:

In the center of 4 letters AMID
Makes less bright 4 letters DIMS
Wash vigorously 5 letters SCRUB
__ dish (rice or beans) 4 letters SIDE
British prep school 4 letters ETON
Pursue 5 letters CHASE
Much-admired celebrity 4 letters IDOL
__ California (region south of San Diego) 4 letters BAJA
Girder fastener 5 letters RIVET
Person in an unfamiliar place 14 letters
Rustic lodging 3 letters INN
Car assemblers’ grp. 3 letters UAW
Bubble-bursting sound 3 letters POP
All right already! 4 letters OKOK
Arm of a shirt 6 letters SLEEVE
You __ big trouble young lady! 5 letters AREIN
Italian auto 4 letters FIAT
Rival of Hertz 4 letters AVIS
Treacherous person 15 letters
Ripped apart 4 letters TORE
Brief memo 4 letters NOTE
Non-studio film briefly 5 letters INDIE
About time! 6 letters ATLAST
Community rec center: Abbr. 4 letters YMCA
UFO passengers 3 letters ETS
Historic period 3 letters ERA
MDs’ associates 3 letters RNS
False display of sorrow 14 letters
Shave as sheep 5 letters SHEAR
Without any guarantee 4 letters ASIS
Eating plan 4 letters DIET
Military priest 5 letters PADRE
Evil scheme 4 letters PLOT
Diva’s solo 4 letters ARIA
Wintry icy coating 5 letters FROST
Change for a $20 bill 4 letters TENS
Envelope letters for Manhattan 4 letters NYNY
In your dreams! 4 letters ASIF
Calf-length skirt 4 letters MIDI
Wedding vows 4 letters IDOS
New __ India 5 letters DELHI
Show to be false 6 letters DEBUNK
Let’s leave __ that 4 letters ITAT
Magic charm 4 letters MOJO
Chaotic mess 5 letters SNAFU
Write illegibly 6 letters SCRAWL
IOU 4 letters CHIT
Four-star review 4 letters RAVE
Customer for software 4 letters USER
Wager 3 letters BET
__ knee (preparing to propose) 5 letters ONONE
Fritter away 5 letters WASTE
Macaroni or ziti 5 letters PASTA
Ready __ here . . . 5 letters ORNOT
Gem from the sea 5 letters PEARL
At the point __ return 4 letters OFNO
Baby pet that purrs 5 letters KITTY
Be worthy of 4 letters EARN
Elude 5 letters EVADE
Pay a call on 5 letters VISIT
Four letters in Mississippi 5 letters ESSES
Scandinavian furniture chain 4 letters IKEA
Sorry to interrupt . . . 4 letters AHEM
Emcee’s opening speech 5 letters INTRO
Goliath-sized 5 letters GIANT
Confidential matter 6 letters SECRET
Peaks of waves 6 letters CRESTS
Adjust to something new 5 letters ADAPT
Four-door car 5 letters SEDAN
Burn a bit 4 letters CHAR
Start over with 4 letters REDO
Rowboat implements 4 letters OARS
Ireland or Oahu 4 letters ISLE
Jungle roarer 4 letters LION
Well ventilated 4 letters AIRY
Horse rider’s strap 4 letters REIN
Linger 4 letters STAY
Sunscreen letters 3 letters SPF

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