Newsday Crossword June 16 2021 Answers

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Newsday Crossword June 16 2021 Answers:

Help oneself to 4 letters TAKE
Sphere of yarn 4 letters BALL
Drop by 5 letters VISIT
Totally mess up 4 letters RUIN
Three-tiered snack 4 letters OREO
In flames 5 letters AFIRE
Painting sculpting etc. 4 letters ARTS
Madison’s state: Abbr. 4 letters WISC
Himalayan land 5 letters NEPAL
Movie for short 3 letters PIC
Layered pasta 7 letters LASAGNA
Sly plans 7 letters SCHEMES
French pilgrimage site 7 letters LOURDES
In any way 4 letters EVER
Jazz singer Anita 4 letters ODAY
Dull routine 3 letters RUT
Building wing 5 letters ANNEX
Leak symptoms 5 letters DRIPS
In the style of 3 letters ALA
Throw out 4 letters TOSS
Italian white wine 5 letters SOAVE
__ the picture 4 letters IGET
Poetic pugilist 3 letters ALI
Laundry convenience 5 letters CHUTE
Close call 5 letters SCARE
Vied in a marathon 3 letters RAN
Broccoli __ (salad veggie) 4 letters RABE
Campus honcho 4 letters DEAN
Pen partner of the past 7 letters INKWELL
Scoundrel 7 letters SOANDSO
For most movie audiences 7 letters RATEDPG
Dict. listing 3 letters DEF
Hand-dyed fabric 5 letters BATIK
Be bold 4 letters DARE
Boldness 4 letters GRIT
Make a couple of 5 letters UNITE
Creative flash 4 letters IDEA
Flow slowly 4 letters OOZE
Tried as patience 5 letters TAXED
Use a spyglass 4 letters PEER
Candid 4 letters OPEN
Golf hazards 5 letters TRAPS
Containing gold 5 letters AURIC
Everything but item 11 letters KITCHENSINK
USNA grad 3 letters ENS
League member often 6 letters BOWLER
Prima donna pieces 5 letters ARIAS
Diminished by 4 letters LESS
Seedy tavern 9 letters LOCALDIVE
Los Angeles area 7 letters VANNUYS
Words of apprehension 5 letters IFEAR
Small taste 3 letters SIP
Tax-deferred plan 3 letters IRA
Bus. card number 3 letters TEL
Lose one’s cool 5 letters GOAPE
Times to call in ads 4 letters EVES
Tex-__ cuisine 3 letters MEX
Computer mouse action 11 letters
Calculus pioneer 5 letters EULER
Condition 5 letters STATE
Take to the stump 5 letters ORATE
Video game name 5 letters ATARI
Pitching great Ryan 5 letters NOLAN
Ice cream order 9 letters DOUBLEDIP
Commandments word 5 letters SHALT
Confident comment 4 letters ICAN
Needed oiling perhaps 7 letters CREAKED
Neptune’s realm 3 letters SEA
Makeshift bookmark 6 letters DOGEAR
Drop a line to 5 letters WRITE
Shopping adventure 5 letters SPREE
Take forcibly 5 letters SEIZE
All the time 5 letters OFTEN
Miami-__ County 4 letters DADE
On the other hand . . . 3 letters BUT
Santa __ winds 3 letters ANA
Box-office buys briefly 3 letters TIX
Sticky stuff 3 letters GOO

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