Newsday Crossword June 11 2021 Answers

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Newsday Crossword June 11 2021 Answers:

Zilch 4 letters NADA
This land informally 5 letters USOFA
Hurdle for would-be 34 Down 4 letters GMAT
Flamenco shouts 4 letters OLES
Sorts of stitches 5 letters PURLS
Bench wear 4 letters ROBE
In a difficult position 10 letters UPTHECREEK
Tuscan island 4 letters ELBA
Unmitigated 5 letters SHEER
One against you 3 letters FOE
Furniture material 5 letters CEDAR
Pitch catcher 3 letters EAR
Federal cultural org. 3 letters NEA
Furniture material 4 letters TEAK
About 5 letters CIRCA
Get back on track 6 letters RESUME
Cared for perhaps 8 letters MOTHERED
Crated 6 letters INABOX
Lodge letters 4 letters BPOE
Make accommodations 5 letters ADAPT
Son of Jacob 4 letters LEVI
Rhodes’ locale 6 letters AEGEAN
Pal of Dennis the Menace 8 letters MARGARET
Meandered 6 letters SNAKED
Ben Hogan contemporary 5 letters SNEAD
Big cheese 4 letters BOSS
Helmet gizmo at the X Games 3 letters CAM
Harry’s successor 3 letters IKE
Mess-kit item 5 letters SPOON
Ulla in The Producers 3 letters UMA
Social event 5 letters MIXER
What Flavius called ferrum 4 letters IRON
Pollock colleague/spouse 10 letters LEEKRASNER
Go out for a while 4 letters DOZE
Parting word 5 letters ADIEU
Place to strike 4 letters LANE
Wool coat owners 4 letters EWES
Taste for one 5 letters SENSE
Regarded 4 letters EYED
Futile 5 letters NOUSE
Constellation’s brightest star 5 letters ALPHA
Dissuade 5 letters DETER
70s tennis star 4 letters ASHE
Scanner target 3 letters UPC
Opposite of submerged 8 letters SURFACED
Ice cream flavor 4 letters OREO
Admiral’s concern 5 letters FLEET
Call upon 3 letters ASK
Popular diner course 10 letters GREEKSALAD
Blue cheese feature 4 letters MOLD
Palindromic pop group 4 letters ABBA
Muscle injury 4 letters TEAR
Hemingway nickname 5 letters ERNIE
Normandy city 4 letters CAEN
Trips made for Mom or Dad 7 letters ERRANDS
Ethiopia neighbor 7 letters ERITREA
Model’s high features 10 letters CHEEKBONES
1776 protagonist 5 letters ADAMS
Frankfurter’s over 4 letters UBER
Stir 4 letters MOVE
Stage direction 4 letters EXIT
Finance types 4 letters MBAS
Still to be filled 4 letters OPEN
Antony and Cleopatra costume 4 letters TOGA
Silver dollar meal 8 letters PANCAKES
Very long time 4 letters AEON
Frat letter 5 letters GAMMA
Nonwoven material 5 letters SUEDE
Stop that! 5 letters IXNAY
Nancy Drew series byline 5 letters KEENE
Was wrong 5 letters ERRED
Rib joint menu selection 4 letters SIDE
Figurehead location 4 letters PROW
Slow flow 4 letters OOZE
Count __! 4 letters MEIN
Jersey for one 4 letters ISLE
__ Cruces NM 3 letters LAS
Bemoan 3 letters RUE

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