Newsday Crossword June 10 2021 Answers

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Newsday Crossword June 10 2021 Answers:

Bylaws for instance 5 letters RULES
See 18 Across 4 letters CLEF
Out of harm’s way 4 letters SAFE
New York city 5 letters UTICA
Zhivago’s first name 4 letters YURI
Tabloid topics 4 letters UFOS
Barber’s buy 5 letters RAZOR
With 6 Across music staff symbol 4 letters BASS
Henpecks 4 letters NAGS
Abandons as a friend in need 13 letters
Mr. Potato Head piece 3 letters EAR
Vitamin regulating agcy. 3 letters FDA
Puts up a fuss 15 letters
Data entered 5 letters INPUT
Brazilian soccer great 4 letters PELE
Microscopic 3 letters WEE
Garage gripper 4 letters VISE
Directs 5 letters HEADS
Prima donna 4 letters DIVA
__-friendly 3 letters ECO
Hideaway 4 letters LAIR
Number in pilot-speak 5 letters NINER
Isn’t settled yet 15 letters
Delivery from 43 Down 3 letters DVD
Milk lover 3 letters CAT
Avoids 13 letters
M*A*S*H vehicle 4 letters JEEP
Individuals 4 letters ONES
Oscar Night lineup 5 letters LIMOS
Cardinal point 4 letters EAST
Part of AM 4 letters ANTE
Spouse before Marla 5 letters IVANA
Tuna fish alternatives 4 letters BLTS
Bouquet 4 letters POSY
Fortune 500 high-tech company 5 letters XEROX
Play about robots 3 letters RUR
Arches National Park locale 4 letters UTAH
Entertainer Minnelli 4 letters LIZA
Business school subj. 4 letters ECON
Rodin portraitist 7 letters SARGENT
Sci-fi man/machine 6 letters CYBORG
Party with poi 4 letters LUAU
Prefix for while 4 letters ERST
Large quantities 8 letters FISTFULS
Parlor purchase 6 letters SUNDAE
A great distance 4 letters AFAR
Stick-in-the-mud 4 letters FOGY
Half a figure-eight 3 letters ESS
Was idle 3 letters SAT
Garfield dog 4 letters ODIE
Pearl seeker 5 letters DIVER
In abeyance 5 letters ONICE
__ salts (medicinal compound) 5 letters EPSOM
Take to court 3 letters SUE
Visual illusion genre 5 letters OPART
Proof-ending letters 3 letters QED
Package handle at times 5 letters TWINE
Flood preventer 5 letters LEVEE
Long (for) 5 letters YEARN
Washroom dispenser contents 8 letters HANDSOAP
__ for Evidence (Grafton novel) 3 letters EIS
Speak ill of 3 letters DIS
Roman historian 4 letters LIVY
Major streamer 7 letters NETFLIX
Makes adjustments 6 letters ADAPTS
Irish dramatist 6 letters OCASEY
Cove kin 3 letters BAY
Close securely 4 letters SEAL
Try out 4 letters TEST
Part of AD 4 letters ANNO
Moistens 4 letters WETS
__ Gauche (section of Paris) 4 letters RIVE
Actor Epps 4 letters OMAR
Prefix for rail 4 letters MONO
Former governor Bush 3 letters JEB
Jazz instrument 3 letters SAX

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