Newsday Crossword January 23 2021 Answers

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Newsday Crossword January 23 2021 Answers:

Improper running down 10 letters DEFAMATION
Pass it on preceder 4 letters PSST
Bound to happen 10 letters INEXORABLE
It may be nursed in a nursery 4 letters OWIE
Bottoms of channels 10 letters STREAMBEDS
__ suit 4 letters PANT
Gull or rook 3 letters CON
Group of problems 4 letters TEST
Guilty feeling 6 letters TWINGE
BUZZR’s cable competitor 3 letters GSN
Instrument with punched paper 7 letters PIANOLA
Unfulfilled fancy 4 letters HOPE
Volcanic creation 6 letters ISLAND
USN designation 3 letters RET
Science is based . . . __ openness to see the universe as it really is: Carl Sagan 4 letters ONAN
Not much 6 letters ATINGE
Ending like -ette 3 letters CLE
Left to cartógrafos 5 letters OESTE
2020 retiree with his own nomics 3 letters ABE
Bat over 5 letters REHIT
Target of a trimming 3 letters FAT
To be specific . . . 6 letters NAMELY
Teeming 4 letters RIFE
Notes from the Backpack podcast grp. 3 letters PTA
Foreshadowing phrase 6 letters ORELSE
Foreshadowed day of long ago 4 letters IDES
Bowl for crème brûlée 7 letters RAMEKIN
Store to improve 3 letters AGE
Patria di Pavarotti 6 letters ITALIA
Sound off 4 letters RAVE
Quick hit 3 letters JAB
Greek counterpart of Victoria 4 letters NIKE
Fiery-sounding sushi 10 letters DRAGONROLL
Some forensic accountants for short 4 letters TMEN
What those who have had it have 10 letters NOPATIENCE
Microbiologist’s creations 4 letters SERA
Dinner is served sight 10 letters ENTREEDISH
BMW logo e.g. 4 letters DISC
Inner starter 4 letters ENTO
Green Crayola color 4 letters FERN
Hacker’s need 3 letters AXE
Venerable defensive devices 5 letters MOATS
It’s south of Georgia 7 letters ARMENIA
Close watch 4 letters TABS
Puh-leeze! 4 letters IBET
__ hat 3 letters OLD
Up-a-tree activity 7 letters NESTING
Eat whole as a dumpling 5 letters POPIN
Greenhouse plant with neck-shaped flowers 10 letters SWANORCHID
Free state? 10 letters SINGLELIFE
Sit-downs 10 letters TETEATETES
Wetlands visitor 5 letters WADER
Certain proper party 4 letters GENT
Quilt components 6 letters PANELS
Roof proof of a Santa visit 10 letters HOOFPRINTS
Separation exhortation 10 letters ONEATATIME
It’s cranked in kitchens 10 letters PASTAMAKER
Ultimate source of hay fever symptoms 6 letters STAMEN
Particular type of 1 Across 5 letters LIBEL
Korean soup ingredient 5 letters ENOKI
Ohio’s Lake __ College 4 letters ERIE
Cretan princess of myth 7 letters ARIADNE
Passing remark? 7 letters YEAVOTE
High Court name 5 letters ELENA
Recent spirited role for Will Smith 5 letters GENIE
Fully absorbed 4 letters RAPT
Vegan’s gelatin alternative 4 letters AGAR
Name related to Ivana 4 letters JONI
Fall semifinal 4 letters ALCS
Ew-w-w! 4 letters BLEH
80s First Son 3 letters RON
Zin for instance 3 letters RED

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