Newsday Crossword January 18 2021 Answers

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Newsday Crossword January 18 2021 Answers:

__ mater (school once attended) 4 letters ALMA
__-Bits (letter-shaped cereal) 5 letters ALPHA
Ancient 3 letters OLD
Fencing swords 5 letters EPEES
Polite military denial 5 letters NOSIR
Life story for short 3 letters BIO
Usual baseball game conclusion 11 letters NINTHINNING
Full collection 3 letters SET
Family rooms 4 letters DENS
Poor grade 3 letters DEE
Takeout meal order 4 letters TOGO
__-friendly (good for the environment) 3 letters ECO
Evening TV news hour 3 letters SIX
White ice-cream flavor 7 letters VANILLA
Dinged as a fender 6 letters DENTED
Collie or canary 3 letters PET
Be afraid of 4 letters FEAR
Dried grape 6 letters RAISIN
House’s upper storage level 5 letters ATTIC
Usual football game conclusion 13 letters FOURTHQUARTER
Supreme happiness 5 letters BLISS
Moscow’s country 6 letters RUSSIA
Flexed 4 letters BENT
Golf peg 3 letters TEE
Light-colored beers 6 letters LAGERS
Provided food for a party 7 letters CATERED
For __ a jolly good fellow 3 letters HES
Brooks or Gibson of films 3 letters MEL
Pork or beef 4 letters MEAT
Make a bow or knot 3 letters TIE
Roof overhang 4 letters EAVE
Had a meal 3 letters ATE
Usual hockey game conclusion 11 letters THIRDPERIOD
Actor Kingsley or Affleck 3 letters BEN
Spooky 5 letters EERIE
Paper factories 5 letters MILLS
Tiger or lion 3 letters CAT
Pulls from behind 5 letters DRAGS
School exam 4 letters TEST
Each 6 letters APIECE
John of the Beatles 6 letters LENNON
Big Apple baseballers 4 letters METS
Campfire residue 3 letters ASH
New wing of a building 5 letters ANNEX
Unaccompanied 4 letters LONE
Tire pressure measure: Abbr. 3 letters PSI
Allude to indirectly 6 letters HINTAT
Inert gas in the atmosphere 5 letters ARGON
No longer used as a word 8 letters OBSOLETE
Be untruthful 3 letters LIE
On the __ (precisely) 3 letters DOT
Concluded 5 letters ENDED
Hooray for me! 6 letters IDIDIT
From Mom card on a present 7 letters GIFTTAG
Roebuck’s retail partner 5 letters SEARS
The second planet 5 letters VENUS
Wild animal’s home 4 letters LAIR
Curved line 3 letters ARC
Foundation administrator 7 letters TRUSTEE
Make angry 5 letters PIQUE
Destroy as secret papers 5 letters SHRED
Operatic solos 5 letters ARIAS
Pest on a pooch 4 letters FLEA
Soothing cream 8 letters OINTMENT
In dreamland 6 letters ASLEEP
UK TV network 3 letters BBC
Dog leash or horse rope 6 letters TETHER
Online messages 6 letters EMAILS
Launch a rebellion 6 letters REVOLT
Gravity-powered snow vehicles 5 letters SLEDS
Evaluated 5 letters RATED
Keeps out of sight 5 letters HIDES
High school math subject 4 letters TRIG
A Great Lake 4 letters ERIE
Easy as letters 3 letters ABC
Chinese restaurant beverage 3 letters TEA
Keogh plan alternative: Abbr. 3 letters IRA
CPR expert 3 letters EMT

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