Newsday Crossword January 13 2021 Answers

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Newsday Crossword January 13 2021 Answers:

Lofty 4 letters HIGH
Video game pioneer 5 letters ATARI
What email filters block 4 letters SPAM
Rights advocacy org. 4 letters ACLU
Glossy gown material 5 letters SATIN
Help for a detective 4 letters CLUE
Usual sitcom audio 10 letters LAUGHTRACK
Dustcloths 4 letters RAGS
Money worth about $1.20 in Barcelona 7 letters ONEEURO
Posh properties 7 letters ESTATES
Actor __ Damon 4 letters MATT
Manicurist’s abrasive 5 letters EMERY
Of the backbone 6 letters SPINAL
Spot of land in a sea 4 letters ISLE
Elizabeth of cosmetics 5 letters ARDEN
As Good as It Gets Oscar actress 9 letters HELENHUNT
Brewery grain 4 letters MALT
Added to the staff 5 letters HIRED
Cleveland’s lake 4 letters ERIE
Colorful cosmetic 9 letters EYESHADOW
__ cum laude 5 letters MAGNA
Found a purpose for 4 letters USED
Cash in 6 letters REDEEM
Save for later 5 letters STORE
Agenda in brief 4 letters SKED
Tropical fruits 7 letters PAPAYAS
Paperless boarding pass 7 letters ETICKET
Topped as cupcakes 4 letters ICED
Washington suburb 10 letters CHEVYCHASE
Infamous Roman emperor 4 letters NERO
Bloom from a bulb 5 letters TULIP
European mountain range 4 letters ALPS
Lee of comic book fame 4 letters STAN
R.L. of scary kid lit 5 letters STINE
Lease payment 4 letters RENT
Saintly light 4 letters HALO
__ hardly wait! 4 letters ICAN
Scrapbooker’s adhesive 4 letters GLUE
Enormous 4 letters HUGE
Of the stars 6 letters ASTRAL
Fortune-teller’s deck 5 letters TAROT
__ loss for words 3 letters ATA
Grain in sushi 4 letters RICE
Cartoonist’s liquids 4 letters INKS
Take a hike! 5 letters SCRAM
Dish holding a dinner 5 letters PLATE
Hole-making tool 5 letters AUGER
Needing straightening up 5 letters MESSY
Earthling in sci-fi 5 letters HUMAN
Adolescent 4 letters TEEN
Steering system linkages 7 letters TIERODS
Identical 4 letters SAME
Say grace for example 4 letters PRAY
Not doing anything 4 letters IDLE
Receives after taxes 4 letters NETS
Whole bunch 4 letters SLEW
Was winning 3 letters LED
Stay out of sight 4 letters HIDE
Spheroid of lettuce 4 letters HEAD
Strongly recommend 4 letters URGE
WXYZ on cell phones 4 letters NINE
Group of collaborators 4 letters TEAM
Contains 3 letters HAS
Donald Duck nephew 4 letters HUEY
Battlefield healer 5 letters MEDIC
Key in again 6 letters RETYPE
Twirls around 5 letters SPINS
Musical don’t play notation 5 letters TACET
Drama with singers 5 letters OPERA
Heaviest inert gas 5 letters RADON
Costner of films 5 letters KEVIN
49 Down segments 4 letters ACTS
Closed securely 4 letters SHUT
Blacken on a grill 4 letters CHAR
Green-chips veggie 4 letters KALE
Airer of NFL games 4 letters ESPN
Lab trial 4 letters TEST
Yale student 3 letters ELI

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