Newsday Crossword February 28 2021 Answers

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Newsday Crossword February 28 2021 Answers:

Power for Robert Fulton 5 letters STEAM
Bedside appliance 4 letters LAMP
Webcam app 5 letters SKYPE
Narrow board 4 letters SLAT
Letter measure 5 letters OUNCE
Techie’s client 4 letters USER
A way to sauté 5 letters INOIL
Pitchfork point 4 letters TINE
FOOT the bill for as a scholarship 10 letters UNDERWRITE
FOOT IDs in delivery rooms 10 letters SOLEPRINTS
Dessert cart display 8 letters PASTRIES
Words often on a logo 5 letters MOTTO
Annoying noise 6 letters RACKET
Isn’t oneself 4 letters AILS
Garfield cartoonist 5 letters DAVIS
Flat-headed fastener 4 letters TACK
Covered as with armor 6 letters PLATED
Actor Quinn 5 letters AIDAN
Skillfully avoid 8 letters SIDESTEP
More atypical 5 letters RARER
Certain FOOT pedal 11 letters
Modeled after 3 letters ALA
Basic facts 4 letters ABCS
Affable 4 letters NICE
Half-rectangle shape 3 letters ELL
Sticky situation 4 letters SPOT
Homer’s lament 3 letters DOH
UnderFOOT 11 letters OBSTRUCTIVE
Hoops star Curry 5 letters STEPH
Impressive supplies 8 letters ARSENALS
Power problem 5 letters SURGE
Actor Ving 6 letters RHAMES
Merge 5 letters UNITE
Name: Lat. 5 letters NOMEN
Caterpillar competitor 5 letters DEERE
Comedy genre for short 6 letters IMPROV
Eastern European capital 5 letters SOFIA
Stand for 8 letters TOLERATE
Place quickly as a hat 5 letters POPON
FOOT soldier fellow 11 letters INFANTRYMAN
Nautical alert 3 letters SOS
Olay alternative 4 letters AVON
Female rabbit 3 letters DOE
Top spot 4 letters APEX
Tupperware sound 4 letters BURP
Round Table address 3 letters SIR
Made FOOT ft. for instance 11 letters ABBREVIATED
Back to the Future teen 5 letters MARTY
Lets go 8 letters SETSFREE
Lots of land 5 letters ACRES
Break time 6 letters RECESS
Varnish layer 4 letters COAT
Latches (onto) 5 letters GLOMS
Stop trying 4 letters QUIT
On a necklace say 6 letters STRUNG
The Forum today 5 letters RUINS
Beats at retail 8 letters OUTSELLS
Three-pointers propelled by a FOOT 10 letters FIELDGOALS
One traveling on FOOT 10 letters PEDESTRIAN
Planning briefly 4 letters PREP
Postal Service symbol 5 letters EAGLE
All those in favor 4 letters AYES
Kiddie song conclusion 5 letters EIEIO
Skillfully done 4 letters DEFT
Get ready to dine 5 letters DRESS
Duck’s dwelling 4 letters NEST
BB King’s music 5 letters RANDB
Salad alternative 4 letters SOUP
Cat food flavor 4 letters TUNA
Remnants 4 letters ENDS
Overhead transparencies 8 letters ACETATES
More jolly 7 letters MERRIER
Entices 5 letters LURES
Retail disclaimer 4 letters ASIS
Came upon 3 letters MET
Created in advance 7 letters PREMADE
Eminent adjective at St. Peter’s 7 letters SISTINE
Sailor’s creations or speed measure 5 letters KNOTS
Why not in texts 4 letters YOLO
Budget chart 3 letters PIE
Madrid museum 7 letters ELPRADO
Accumulates as snow 6 letters STICKS
Web-page convenience 4 letters LINK
Pay for a hand 4 letters ANTE
Trial balloon 4 letters TEST
Tempestuous 4 letters WILD
One in a rush 5 letters RACER
Running track 4 letters OVAL
Cutter of cubes 5 letters DICER
Royal bestowal 5 letters TITLE
Competitor of Coach 5 letters PRADA
Cabinet department 5 letters LABOR
Strain reliever for FOOT muscles 11 letters
S&L customers 5 letters ACCTS
Soothing application 5 letters SALVE
Device with FOOT markings 11 letters
Emulate Romeo and Juliet 5 letters ELOPE
Walking routes 5 letters PATHS
Walking route 5 letters AISLE
Time on the throne 5 letters REIGN
Airer of Lakers games 5 letters NBATV
Onetime McCartney partner 5 letters STARR
Omelet ingredient 5 letters ONION
Good old land 5 letters USOFA
Herb in curry 5 letters CUMIN
Special pleasure 5 letters TREAT
Lustrous look 5 letters SHEEN
Ill-fated energy giant 5 letters ENRON
Kick back 5 letters RELAX
Without a service charge 5 letters NOFEE
With a rounded roof 5 letters DOMED
No thanks 5 letters IPASS
Studio release 5 letters MOVIE
Something boring so to speak 5 letters SNORE
Varieties 5 letters TYPES
Law school course 5 letters TORTS
TV sports awards 5 letters ESPYS
More than likely . . . 5 letters IDBET
Assesses 5 letters RATES
Pasteur’s study 8 letters BACTERIA
Bid __ farewell 5 letters AFOND
Was boastful 7 letters BRAGGED
Hand luggage 7 letters VALISES
Desktop picture 4 letters ICON
Distance between outstretched hands 7 letters ARMSPAN
Expert informally 7 letters MEISTER
Emulate Rodin 6 letters SCULPT
Same old things 4 letters RUTS
Coastal fliers 5 letters GULLS
Adventurous journey 5 letters QUEST
Dirty Harry’s employer: Abbr. 4 letters SFPD
Need a break 4 letters TIRE
Sailing hazard 4 letters REEF
Latest fad 4 letters RAGE
Poetic tributes 4 letters ODES
Legal claim 4 letters LIEN
Detailed with out 4 letters LAID
Smug expert 4 letters SNOB
Kayak propeller 3 letters OAR
Needle hole 3 letters EYE

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