Newsday Crossword December 2 2021 Answers

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Newsday Crossword December 2 2021 Answers:

Tijuana’s region 4 letters BAJA
Just loafing 4 letters IDLE
Far-from-tranquil feeling 5 letters ANGST
Full-range 4 letters ATOZ
Outward manner 4 letters MIEN
Main non-vein 5 letters AORTA
Grade-schoolers’ magazine that Twain wrote for 15 letters
Indulgent outing 5 letters SPREE
Camelot lady 4 letters ENID
Baseball crew 4 letters UMPS
Choo-choo sound 4 letters CHUG
Work assignment 4 letters TASK
Sets as a trap 4 letters LAYS
Tiny-leafed houseplant 10 letters BABYSTEARS
Text two cents lead-in 3 letters IMO
Post gone viral 4 letters MEME
Broad scarf 5 letters ASCOT
Grafton’s __ for Lawless 3 letters LIS
Digital bookshelf 7 letters EREADER
Cultivation implement 3 letters HOE
Drained of color 5 letters ASHEN
Laundry leftover 4 letters LINT
Be there soon letters 3 letters OMW
There’s nothing to it 10 letters CHILDSPLAY
Play-date cleanup 4 letters TOYS
Where Islam originated 4 letters ASIA
Secure on a roof rack 4 letters LASH
Sow chow 4 letters SLOP
South Park brother 4 letters KYLE
Bamboo lover 5 letters PANDA
Annual Nickelodeon bestowal 15 letters
Deception admission 5 letters ILIED
Fancy party 4 letters FETE
Lance cousin 4 letters EPEE
Ducks’ hangouts 5 letters PONDS
Join metal to metal 4 letters FUSE
It breaks every morning 4 letters DAWN
Howls at the moon 4 letters BAYS
Surmounting 4 letters ATOP
Day on some menus 4 letters JOUR
Ancient cocoa drinkers 6 letters AZTECS
Online exchanges 3 letters IMS
Monopoly for instance 8 letters DICEGAME
Name derived from a roarer 4 letters LEON
Ill will 6 letters ENMITY
High bond rating 3 letters AAA
Antiwar slogan 7 letters NONUKES
Forbidding 4 letters GRIM
Octagonal order 4 letters STOP
Neutral shades 4 letters TANS
Sound of a snicker 3 letters HEH
Outmoded appt. books 4 letters PDAS
Cab alternative 4 letters UBER
Maze directive 5 letters START
Purple hue 5 letters LILAC
Simple-living sect 5 letters AMISH
Super Mario Bros. dinosaur 5 letters YOSHI
Ultimate aim 5 letters BEALL
Allergy season sound 5 letters ACHOO
With lots of space 5 letters ROOMY
Slow-cooker creations 5 letters STEWS
Returns to health 5 letters MENDS
Language variants 8 letters DIALECTS
Irish pop singer 4 letters ENYA
Ticked away 7 letters ELAPSED
Many a turban wearer 4 letters SIKH
Fulfill financially 6 letters PAYOFF
Began loosening up 6 letters THAWED
Health facility 3 letters SPA
Disregard 4 letters SKIP
Hula-dancing Disney toon 4 letters LILO
Valhalla host 4 letters ODIN
Stead 4 letters LIEU
It’s southwest of Sacramento 4 letters NAPA
Played to a tie 4 letters DREW
Port of Yemen 4 letters ADEN
S&L offerings 3 letters CDS
Sandal spec 3 letters EEE

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