Newsday Crossword December 12 2021 Answers

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Newsday Crossword December 12 2021 Answers:

Mischief maker 6 letters RASCAL
Flour inventor 6 letters GRAHAM
Hits the hay 6 letters SLEEPS
Consider identical 6 letters EQUATE
Berth place 7 letters MOORAGE
French Wow! 6 letters OOLALA
Like tight traffic 14 letters
Bahamian capital 6 letters NASSAU
Request from an ed. 4 letters SASE
It may lead to an exclusive 7 letters NEWSTIP
Mare’s morsel 3 letters OAT
25 Across for one: Abbr. 3 letters ENC
Sectors 5 letters AREAS
Traffic helicopter 11 letters EYEINTHESKY
Acquire 6 letters GARNER
Crunch targets 3 letters ABS
Where Mount Carmel is 6 letters ISRAEL
Fine wood 5 letters EBONY
Stir up 4 letters ROIL
Singer Corinne Bailey __ 3 letters RAE
Car sticker abbr. 4 letters MSRP
Finance degree 3 letters MBA
Minor traffic accident 12 letters
Duffer’s peg 3 letters TEE
Deplorable 3 letters SAD
Machine parts 4 letters CAMS
Serious conflict 3 letters WAR
Costa Rica neighbor 6 letters PANAMA
Prepares 7 letters READIES
Hot under the collar 3 letters MAD
Grand endings 7 letters FINALES
Learn about 4 letters HEAR
Like sluggish traffic 9 letters STOPANDGO
Religious sect 4 letters CULT
Keep in check 7 letters REPRESS
Piece of turf 3 letters SOD
Wood-eating bug 7 letters TERMITE
Solar-system component 6 letters PLANET
Sculler’s implement 3 letters OAR
Quaint oath 4 letters EGAD
HMO members 3 letters DRS
Middle of the 11th century 3 letters MLI
Traffic accident gawker 12 letters
Feed a line to 3 letters CUE
Hot under the collar 4 letters SORE
Part of a loop 3 letters ARC
Decline to bid 4 letters PASS
Low-lying land 5 letters SWALE
Predatory bird 6 letters RAPTOR
Present topper 3 letters BOW
Looked impolitely 6 letters LEERED
Cause of a traffic delay 11 letters
Shoulder covering 5 letters SHAWL
Keogh cousin 3 letters IRA
Recycling candidate 3 letters CAN
Shoot! 7 letters ASKAWAY
Clawed crawler 4 letters CRAB
Nadal and Federer for instance 6 letters NETMEN
Traffic detour 14 letters
Get away from 6 letters ESCAPE
Angler’s fabric 7 letters NETTING
Beaus 6 letters ROMEOS
Pitches very well against 6 letters NOHITS
Insists 6 letters SAYSSO
Rudder locations 6 letters STERNS
Dissenters for short 4 letters REBS
Pastel hue 4 letters AQUA
Addition answers 4 letters SUMS
Peninsula on Massachusetts Bay 7 letters CAPEANN
Had something 3 letters ATE
My Fair Lady lyricist 6 letters LERNER
Large quantity 4 letters GOBS
Decisive defeat 4 letters ROUT
Fighting forces 6 letters ARMIES
Cheerful 5 letters HAPPY
Historical period 3 letters AGE
Marie’s sea 3 letters MER
Piano piece 6 letters SONATA
Abhor 6 letters LOATHE
Pillow’s center 3 letters ELS
Makes less burdensome 5 letters EASES
Thick board 5 letters PLANK
Insolent 5 letters SAUCY
Uses a scythe 4 letters MOWS
Coffee alternative 3 letters TEA
When right turns may be allowed 5 letters ONRED
Spanish king 3 letters REY
Word on some euros 4 letters EIRE
This __ outrage! 4 letters ISAN
Shade source 3 letters ELM
Masterpieces 4 letters GEMS
70s pop quartet 4 letters ABBA
Cause of a traffic delay 10 letters ROADREPAIR
Come to the rescue of 3 letters AID
Made a mess of 4 letters BLEW
Neglectful 6 letters REMISS
Start 5 letters ONSET
Cause of a traffic delay 10 letters STALLEDCAR
Held another session 5 letters REMET
Little legumes 4 letters PEAS
Fleeting fashion 3 letters FAD
Islamic holy month 7 letters RAMADAN
Fiber source 4 letters BRAN
Prefix for center 3 letters EPI
Stale 6 letters RANCID
Life’s work 6 letters CAREER
Ship-related: Abbr. 4 letters NAUT
Come by honestly 4 letters EARN
Call for help 3 letters SOS
Banned insecticide 3 letters DDT
Blacksmith shops 6 letters FORGES
Conversation starter 5 letters HELLO
Low-quality 4 letters POOR
Nerds 5 letters GEEKS
Tach readings 4 letters RPMS
Alphabetic trio 3 letters STU
Scratch up 3 letters MAR
Taken-back car 4 letters REPO
Bylaw 4 letters RULE
Potential flower 4 letters SEED
Parade twirler 5 letters BATON
Warner __ Pictures 4 letters BROS
Neutral hue 4 letters ECRU
Cornfield cry 3 letters CAW
Poetic preposition 3 letters ERE
Work on seams 3 letters SEW
Greet warmly 7 letters WELCOME
Take as true 6 letters ACCEPT
Carpentry tools 6 letters PLANES
Harasses 6 letters BESETS
Cake components 6 letters LAYERS
Fabric from flax 5 letters LINEN
Juvenile rebuttal 5 letters ARESO
You bet! 5 letters NATCH
Run-down 5 letters RATTY
Ill-gotten gains 4 letters SWAG
Part of an Uncle Sam costume 3 letters HAT
Mr. Kringle 4 letters KRIS
Part of AD 4 letters ANNO
Regretful one 4 letters RUER
Boatloads 4 letters ATON
I Loves You Porgy singer 4 letters BESS
Month after avril 3 letters MAI
Part of Q and A 3 letters ANS
Country meadow 3 letters LEA
Go bad 3 letters ROT

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