Newsday Crossword August 3 2021 Answers

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Newsday Crossword August 3 2021 Answers:

Crush as potatoes 4 letters MASH
Savings protection agcy. 4 letters FDIC
Secret writing 4 letters CODE
Female choir voice 4 letters ALTO
__ Ness monster 4 letters LOCH
Nonsense informally 5 letters HOOEY
Italian farewell 4 letters CIAO
Neck of the woods 4 letters AREA
Protective atmospheric layer 5 letters OZONE
Community-wide resistance to infection 12 letters
Infant’s garment 6 letters ONESIE
Public school support orgs. 4 letters PTAS
Egyptian snake 3 letters ASP
Abbreviation for a big company 3 letters INC
Despise 6 letters LOATHE
Now! letters in a memo 4 letters ASAP
Sleep in a tent 4 letters CAMP
Employ towards 5 letters USEON
Use of a product by many people 15 letters
If only . . . 5 letters IWISH
__ fish sandwich 4 letters TUNA
Jet-black 4 letters INKY
Wyoming and Washington 6 letters STATES
Explosive initials 3 letters TNT
Boy in the family 3 letters SON
If all __ fails . . . 4 letters ELSE
Rinsing with a tube 6 letters HOSING
Management of large groups 12 letters
Marshy arm of a river 5 letters BAYOU
Revered star 4 letters IDOL
Now drained of color 4 letters PALE
Seize by force 5 letters USURP
Harvest-ready 4 letters RIPE
Envelope routing abbr. 4 letters ATTN
Tenth of a dollar 4 letters DIME
A smaller amount 4 letters LESS
Golfer’s pegs 4 letters TEES
Ultra-manly 5 letters MACHO
Visitor from another planet 5 letters ALIEN
Unblinking look 5 letters STARE
Parkas’ head coverings 5 letters HOODS
Foot-stamping Spanish dance 8 letters FLAMENCO
College housing 4 letters DORM
Become frosty 5 letters ICEUP
Repetitive shout 5 letters CHANT
Comfy 4 letters COZY
Tic-tac-toe winner 3 letters OOO
Family room 3 letters DEN
Hurricane center 3 letters EYE
Steaming bowl of chicken noodle 7 letters HOTSOUP
Three on a sundial 3 letters III
Suffix for proverb or potent 3 letters IAL
Had supper at home 5 letters ATEIN
Trembled 5 letters SHOOK
Tenth of a 68 Across 5 letters PENNY
Is unable to 4 letters CANT
Italian wine region 4 letters ASTI
Not quite right 5 letters AMISS
Took care of 5 letters SAWTO
From the largest continent 5 letters ASIAN
Hey you! whisper 4 letters PSST
E. Lansing school 3 letters MSU
Fourth-down play 4 letters PUNT
Restore to happiness 7 letters CHEERUP
Street’s accesses to sewer systems 8 letters MANHOLES
__-mo replay 3 letters SLO
Cargo weight measure 3 letters TON
Apt rhyme for whirl 5 letters SWIRL
Clothing retailer Bauer 5 letters EDDIE
March 17 honoree for short 5 letters STPAT
Really angry 5 letters IRATE
Actor Nick 5 letters NOLTE
Secluded valleys 5 letters GLENS
Apple throwaway 4 letters CORE
Police officers 4 letters COPS
Unopened blossom 3 letters BUD
__ was saying . . . 3 letters ASI
Delicious! 3 letters YUM

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