Newsday Crossword April 8 2021 Answers

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Newsday Crossword April 8 2021 Answers:

What Iranians speak 5 letters FARSI
Creator of Marge and 24 Across 4 letters MATT
Fruit category 4 letters POME
Restaurants serving stacks 5 letters IHOPS
US Open finals stadium 4 letters ASHE
Object of adoration 4 letters IDOL
Hydropower source 5 letters FALLS
Part of GSUSA 4 letters GIRL
Dairy aisle display 4 letters MILK
Oscar film about a mathematician 14 letters
Have in one’s grasp 3 letters SEE
Toon bartender 3 letters MOE
Curved entryway 4 letters ARCH
Sorority letter 3 letters ETA
Big name in American literature 6 letters ERNEST
Opposite of paleo- 3 letters NEO
Slow cooker creations 5 letters STEWS
Put forth 5 letters STATE
Check out quickly 15 letters
Makeup mishap 5 letters SMEAR
Artistry 5 letters SKILL
Eternally in poetry 3 letters EER
High-heels holder 6 letters TSTRAP
Agency concerned with MPG 3 letters EPA
Excellence in Sports award 4 letters ESPY
Palermo possessive 3 letters MIA
Atom with a charge 3 letters ION
Query of concern 14 letters
Burn a bit 4 letters CHAR
Travel plan 4 letters TOUR
Plumbing or welding 5 letters TRADE
Sway gently 4 letters ROCK
As a consequence 4 letters ERGO
Had no use for 5 letters HATED
Rattles on 4 letters YAKS
Not as intense 4 letters LESS
Goes across 5 letters SPANS
World Cup org. 4 letters FIFA
Fictional whaler 4 letters AHAB
Portrayal 4 letters ROLE
Flashy impression 6 letters SPLASH
Put forth 5 letters ISSUE
New Testament trio 4 letters MAGI
In your dreams! 4 letters ASIF
Via briefly 4 letters THRU
I’m all ears! 6 letters TELLME
Olive stuffing 8 letters PIMIENTO
Valhalla host 4 letters ODIN
Shape to suit 4 letters MOLD
Bull with antlers 3 letters ELK
Oral exam focus 5 letters TEETH
Tasty bit 6 letters MORSEL
Uneasy feeling 5 letters ANGST
French Champagne city 5 letters REIMS
Long for 5 letters COVET
Casual tops 4 letters TEES
Came alive 5 letters AWOKE
Spots for icicles 5 letters EAVES
High-priced 5 letters STEEP
Washcloth fabric 5 letters TERRY
Narrow passage 6 letters STRAIT
Delicate cut 4 letters SNIP
Sets aside 8 letters EARMARKS
Allege 5 letters CLAIM
Soft shade 6 letters PASTEL
Lure into trouble 6 letters ENTRAP
Trial declarations 5 letters OATHS
Not so fast! 4 letters WHOA
Remove rashly 4 letters HACK
Pulled asunder 4 letters TORE
Warm greetings 4 letters HUGS
Winged matchmaker 4 letters EROS
Later! 4 letters TATA
What Nod was east of 4 letters EDEN
Much lipstick 4 letters REDS
Loud outburst 3 letters CRY

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