Newsday Crossword April 7 2021 Answers

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Newsday Crossword April 7 2021 Answers:

Massages 4 letters RUBS
Horse-stopping shout 4 letters WHOA
Gulf Coast Florida city 5 letters TAMPA
Spanish water 4 letters AGUA
Become well again 4 letters HEAL
Green thumb or white elephant 5 letters IDIOM
Unlimited mobile phone plan 15 letters
Out of neutral as an auto 6 letters INGEAR
Use finger paint 5 letters SMEAR
Poem of praise 3 letters ODE
Energy informally 3 letters PEP
Feathered symbol of wisdom 3 letters OWL
Peculiar 3 letters ODD
Postpaid enclosure: Abbr. 4 letters SASE
Sting like a bee boxer 3 letters ALI
Turn sharply and suddenly 6 letters SWERVE
Remove a disguise from 6 letters UNMASK
In the know 5 letters AWARE
Unlimited rail pass offering 11 letters TRAINTRAVEL
Ohio tire city 5 letters AKRON
Tot of the ’50s 6 letters BOOMER
Spanish snooze 6 letters SIESTA
Early afternoon hour 3 letters ONE
Branch of a religion 4 letters SECT
Jazzy wind instrument 3 letters SAX
Flash-drive port 3 letters USB
Point opposite WSW 3 letters ENE
Cry of discovery 3 letters AHA
Cross home plate 5 letters SCORE
Idolizes 6 letters ADORES
Unlimited morning meal 15 letters
Sign fraudulently 5 letters FORGE
Hammer’s target 4 letters NAIL
Melt together as metals 4 letters FUSE
Lavish meal 5 letters FEAST
Play a trick on 4 letters DUPE
Vehicle on snow 4 letters SLED
Math proportions 6 letters RATIOS
African country on Lake Victoria 6 letters UGANDA
Protrudes 6 letters BULGES
For goodness __! 4 letters SAKE
Lost person’s question 8 letters WHEREAMI
Bewitch 3 letters HEX
Feedbag meal 4 letters OATS
San Antonio attraction 5 letters ALAMO
Huge ocean surge 9 letters TIDALWAVE
Mail destination: Abbr. 4 letters ADDR
Mamma __! 3 letters MIA
Soup cookware 3 letters POT
Physicians’ org. 3 letters AMA
Touch on the shoulder 3 letters TAP
The latest happenings 4 letters NEWS
Second-level strategy 5 letters PLANB
Spoken aloud 4 letters ORAL
Storage device for binge watchers: Abbr. 3 letters DVR
Barely passing grade 3 letters DEE
Coins for Germans and Greeks 5 letters EUROS
This porridge __ hot! 5 letters ISTOO
Washstand pitchers 5 letters EWERS
Island off Cape Cod 9 letters NANTUCKET
Coin of Denmark 5 letters KRONE
Scary dinosaur for short 4 letters TREX
Open to advice 8 letters AMENABLE
Donkey 3 letters ASS
Car from Korea 3 letters KIA
Since 4 letters ASOF
Sharp scolding 6 letters EARFUL
Grilled sandwich filling 6 letters CHEESE
Took a bite of 6 letters TASTED
Product’s name 5 letters BRAND
University URL ender 3 letters EDU
Droops 4 letters SAGS
Genesis twin 4 letters ESAU
Brush-__ (rude snubs) 4 letters OFFS
Texter’s #1 pal 3 letters BFF
Fish eggs in sushi 3 letters ROE
Noteworthy time 3 letters ERA
Line on a dinner receipt 3 letters TIP

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