Newsday Crossword April 17 2021 Answers

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Newsday Crossword April 17 2021 Answers:

Etsy merchant 7 letters CRAFTER
Exemplify 5 letters MODEL
Tubular stuffed beef servings 8 letters ROULADES
Setting of more than one Grisham novel 6 letters BILOXI
Oracular assertion 8 letters ITSASIGN
Draft 6 letters INDUCT
Card-carrying brand 4 letters CITI
Mount for snapping 6 letters TRIPOD
Upside-down rooster 3 letters BAT
Sound ominously 5 letters KNELL
UV index follower 3 letters EPA
Crack 5 letters SOLVE
With 47 Down Minuteman Press competitor 3 letters SIR
Chase-scene entertainment 6 letters OATERS
Stomach 4 letters BEAR
Easy-to-take tablets 5 letters IPADS
Strengthen a bond perhaps 7 letters REPASTE
Undertook in a phrase 6 letters BITOFF
Did due diligence at a dealer 6 letters DEMOED
Extended quest 7 letters ODYSSEY
Unbroken 5 letters FERAL
__ recién nacida (newborn) 4 letters BEBE
Disney gloomy gray toon 6 letters EEYORE
They’re hypothetical 3 letters IFS
Weaponry in ’90s news 5 letters SCUDS
Nonexistent 3 letters NIL
Took notice abruptly 5 letters SATUP
What 26 Down got from ND 3 letters LLD
Transition tentatively 6 letters EASEIN
One getting framed 4 letters PANE
NFL team with the mascot Swoop 6 letters EAGLES
Where a hull meets the sea 8 letters LOADLINE
Won’t dive into 6 letters DREADS
Avoided an accident 8 letters DETOURED
Kept for later 5 letters SETBY
Without much play 7 letters DENSELY
Flows out west 6 letters CRICKS
Kitchen corkscrews 6 letters ROTINI
Fat-free plan 15 letters
Swing wildly 5 letters FLAIL
Numerous MS students 3 letters TAS
Polish till it shines 4 letters EDIT
RSVPs often 7 letters REGRETS
__ eye 5 letters MINDS
Superseded 3 letters OLD
Card game oxymoron 15 letters
Hollow out 8 letters EXCAVATE
Bestrewn (with) 8 letters LITTERED
Harangue while hidden 5 letters SNIPE
Staple on many jackets 3 letters BIO
Final Tudor consort 4 letters PARR
Becomes a bum 5 letters LOAFS
Time Person of the Year before Bernanke 5 letters OBAMA
Pitcher’s payment 5 letters ADFEE
April 2020 virtual event with Andy Cohen 5 letters SEDER
Not natural-looking 5 letters POSED
Leader for whom Tel Aviv’s Center for Peace is named 5 letters PERES
Vehicles first built in Switzerland (1860s) 8 letters BOBSLEDS
Start of an Austen assertion 8 letters IDECLARE
Hunger and thirst 4 letters YENS
Put page numbers on 7 letters FOLIOED
Give up arguing 5 letters YIELD
Tin Woodman’s topper 6 letters FUNNEL
See 27 Across 6 letters SPEEDY
In dire need of improvement 5 letters SEEDY
Unimprovable 5 letters APLUS
Certain foal 3 letters ASS
Subject of DNA testing 4 letters NATE
Goggles-and-gloves workplace 3 letters LAB
Operatic honorific 3 letters DON

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