Newsday Crossword April 16 2021 Answers

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Newsday Crossword April 16 2021 Answers:

Culinary changes of state 5 letters THAWS
Culinary abbr. 4 letters TBSP
Seam material 4 letters COAL
But soft! speaker 5 letters ROMEO
Crime-lab sample 4 letters HAIR
More than suspicious about 4 letters ONTO
Vacuous 5 letters EMPTY
All about 4 letters INRE
Rise in the west 4 letters MESA
Stay fresh 4 letters KEEP
Floating sanctuary 3 letters ARK
Throw cold water on 6 letters DAMPEN
More promising 6 letters ROSIER
Cheerios not eaten 5 letters TATAS
Maytag sister brand 5 letters AMANA
Bit of dinero 4 letters PESO
You can count on it 3 letters IDO
MIDTOWN (!) MANHATTAN 15 letters
Most remote point 3 letters END
Pen name in Nottingham 4 letters GAOL
Arnold’s co-conspirator 5 letters ANDRE
Mack the Knife singer 5 letters DARIN
Putting on 6 letters JIVING
Informal alternative to squire 6 letters GUVNOR
Mo. with no holidays 3 letters AUG
Far from sure 4 letters IFFY
Big number for a performer 4 letters ARIA
Turns out to be untrue 4 letters ISNT
Loose-limbed 5 letters AGILE
Hemsworth of the Hunger Games films 4 letters LIAM
Grapelike berry 4 letters ACAI
Stand for 5 letters ALLOW
Host with a CNBC Garage 4 letters LENO
Watery Christie setting 4 letters NILE
Some rope fibers 5 letters HEMPS
Trip that’s trying 4 letters TREK
Last word of The Wizard of Oz 4 letters HOME
Symbol like a plus sign 9 letters AMPERSAND
Park bench warning perhaps 8 letters WETPAINT
Faux cheese ingredient 3 letters SOY
Showing on a track 5 letters THIRD
Title for Rushdie 3 letters SIR
Food chain term 8 letters PREDATOR
Series dividers 6 letters COMMAS
Early afternoon 5 letters ONEPM
Where the buoys are 5 letters ATSEA
Many an art museum exhibit 4 letters LOAN
Cause of inflation 3 letters AIR
Revelatory as a moment 3 letters AHA
Fruit cup chunk 4 letters PEAR
Swiss university city 5 letters BASEL
Time opponent in a metaphor 4 letters RACE
Forewarning 4 letters OMEN
Far from fancy 5 letters PLAIN
Showing at Sundance 9 letters INDIEFILM
Repair a hose hole 4 letters DARN
Cassini of fashion 4 letters OLEG
Of farming 8 letters AGRARIAN
Common plane cargo 4 letters MAIL
Beguile 8 letters INVEIGLE
Bundle of energy 6 letters DYNAMO
I love: Lat. 3 letters AMO
Put a cork in it 3 letters JUG
Coiner of radioactivity 5 letters CURIE
Like a lark 5 letters AVIAN
Midriff protrusion 5 letters OUTIE
Brazenness 4 letters GALL
Apt rhyme for drop 4 letters FLOP
What longbows are made from 4 letters YEWS
S as in degrees 3 letters SCI
That’s nice! 3 letters AAH

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