Newsday Crossword April 13 2021 Answers

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Newsday Crossword April 13 2021 Answers:

Sends junk email to 5 letters SPAMS
Beware the __ of March 4 letters IDES
Don’t rub __! 4 letters ITIN
Giant of industry 5 letters TITAN
Car with a meter 4 letters TAXI
Secret writing 4 letters CODE
Just like me 5 letters ASIDO
Editor’s Don’t delete 4 letters STET
Was sure of 4 letters KNEW
St. Louis landmark 11 letters
Car tank filler 3 letters GAS
Tooth pro’s degree: Abbr. 3 letters DMD
Having an overstuffed schedule 7 letters TOOBUSY
Removed cargo from 8 letters UNLOADED
Burrowing rodent 4 letters MOLE
Mermaid’s home 3 letters SEA
Mentioned 5 letters NOTED
Me too 5 letters DITTO
Apiece 4 letters EACH
Present at birth 5 letters NATAL
Desserts with a crust 4 letters PIES
Cattle drive animal 5 letters STEER
Blue jeans brand 5 letters LEVIS
Class for recent immigrants: Abbr. 3 letters ESL
Chick’s chirp 4 letters PEEP
Had as a tenant 8 letters RENTEDTO
Eight-legged web spinners 7 letters SPIDERS
Martini liquor 3 letters GIN
Lubricate 3 letters OIL
Boneless seafood serving 11 letters FILETOFSOLE
Reach by phone 4 letters CALL
Brown quickly 4 letters SEAR
Haul through the entrance 5 letters LUGIN
Round cabinet handle 4 letters KNOB
Small plateau 4 letters MESA
Made a mistake 5 letters ERRED
Plants as seeds 4 letters SOWS
Phase of a process 4 letters STEP
Noble actions 5 letters DEEDS
Fawn’s father 4 letters STAG
Leaning Tower city 4 letters PISA
Keep __ (persevere) 4 letters ATIT
Managed somehow 6 letters MADEDO
Frosty of a Christmas song 7 letters SNOWMAN
Teeny 4 letters ITSY
Facts and figures 4 letters DATA
Put forth as effort 5 letters EXERT
Funny TV series 6 letters SITCOM
That’s gross! 3 letters ICK
Speechless 10 letters TONGUETIED
Creative thoughts 5 letters IDEAS
Full of the latest info 5 letters NEWSY
Something costing extra 5 letters ADDON
Parka’s head covering 4 letters HOOD
Radar screen image 4 letters BLIP
Puts to work 4 letters USES
Tidy 4 letters NEAT
Decorative cushion 10 letters LACEPILLOW
And others: Abbr. 4 letters ETAL
Discourage 5 letters DETER
Comedian Chappelle 4 letters DAVE
Try out 4 letters TEST
Norway’s capital 4 letters OSLO
Follow as advice 4 letters HEED
Industry slang 5 letters LINGO
Coral ridge 4 letters REEF
Suppressed as a laugh 7 letters STIFLED
Light refractors 6 letters PRISMS
Make certain 6 letters ENSURE
Woolen footwear 5 letters SOCKS
Concert keyboard 5 letters PIANO
Frozen rain 5 letters SLEET
Make more comfortable 4 letters EASE
Sandy golf hazard 4 letters TRAP
Fairy tale monster 4 letters OGRE
Fudged the facts 4 letters LIED
Terminates 4 letters ENDS
Abbr. on dumbbells 3 letters LBS

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