Newsday Crossword April 12 2021 Answers

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Newsday Crossword April 12 2021 Answers:

Auto wheel 4 letters TIRE
Cable service save for later devices: Abbr. 4 letters DVRS
Book of maps 5 letters ATLAS
Operatic solo 4 letters ARIA
Fishing rod’s spool 4 letters REEL
Icy windshield coating 5 letters FROST
2000-pound measures 4 letters TONS
Vampire novelist Rice 4 letters ANNE
Not safe to do 5 letters RISKY
White baked sweets 14 letters
S&L’s outdoor device 3 letters ATM
Tell a fib 3 letters LIE
Don’t stop at 6 letters PASSBY
Clumsy person 4 letters CLOD
Grass bought in rolls 3 letters SOD
Without assistance 5 letters ALONE
Easier said __ done 4 letters THAN
Basic unit of heredity 4 letters GENE
White frozen sweet 15 letters
Give off as light 4 letters EMIT
Farmland measure 4 letters ACRE
Math proportion 5 letters RATIO
Physician for short 3 letters DOC
Wheat or corn 4 letters CROP
Newly invigorated 6 letters REBORN
You’re it! kids’ game 3 letters TAG
Assist 3 letters AID
White fried sweets 14 letters
Motion picture 5 letters MOVIE
Apex 4 letters ACME
At the apex of 4 letters ATOP
Insurance seller 5 letters AGENT
Blacken on a barbecue 4 letters CHAR
Fence’s entryway 4 letters GATE
Shades of color 5 letters TONES
Extremely long times 4 letters EONS
Building to store tools 4 letters SHED
So long! 4 letters TATA
Clothes-pressing appliance 4 letters IRON
Doorbell sound 4 letters RING
Uncomplicate 4 letters EASE
Not keeping out gusts 6 letters DRAFTY
Snake poison 5 letters VENOM
Nevada city 4 letters RENO
Kids’ winter glider 4 letters SLED
Frightened 6 letters AFRAID
Three-wheeler for short 5 letters TRIKE
Misplace 4 letters LOSE
Makes a request 4 letters ASKS
Pigpen 3 letters STY
Paper around a soup can 5 letters LABEL
Biological duplicate 5 letters CLONE
Covered with asphalt 5 letters PAVED
San Antonio historic landmark 5 letters ALAMO
__ boom (jet sound) 5 letters SONIC
Grumpy mood 4 letters SNIT
Parakeet sound 5 letters CHIRP
Shoestring 4 letters LACE
Take care of 5 letters SEETO
Walking __ (very happy) 5 letters ONAIR
Evil spirit 5 letters DEMON
Crunchy Mexican food 4 letters TACO
Snatch quickly 4 letters GRAB
Immense 5 letters LARGE
Personal motto 5 letters CREDO
West Point students 6 letters CADETS
Bus passengers 6 letters RIDERS
Strong packaging string 5 letters TWINE
Guy writing commercials 5 letters ADMAN
__ stick (jumping toy) 4 letters POGO
Pizzeria appliance 4 letters OVEN
Speed contest 4 letters RACE
Bounce back as a sound 4 letters ECHO
Bothers repeatedly 4 letters NAGS
Salt Lake’s state 4 letters UTAH
Carryall bag 4 letters TOTE
Went rapidly 4 letters SPED
Welcome rug 3 letters MAT

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