New York Times Crossword September 28 2021 Answers

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New York Times Crossword September 28 2021 Answers:

Carne ___ (taco option) ASADA
B’way’s ___ Miz LES
See 4-Down LEMON
Backspace through say ERASE
Type ILK
Refusing to understand BEINGOBTUSE
Org. enforcing RICO laws FBI
Tack on ADD
Like Prince William vis-à-vis Prince Harry ELDER
Language from which bandana comes URDU
Strip sails and ropes from UNRIG
Put in a movie role CAST
Org. supporting mom-and-pop stores SBA
Targets of cleanses TOXINS
Bothered a lot ATEAT
When a football might be hiked ONTWO
Through VIA
1989 Spike Lee title offering good if vague advice
Runner’s midsection? ENS
Much-requested airplane seat AISLE
Actress Sohn of The Wire SONJA
Samovar TEAURN
One of football’s Mannings ELI
Jennifer who wrote A Visit From the Goon Squad EGAN
Fort ___ N.C. BRAGG
Aliases informally AKAS
Derby cocktail JULEP
Change ALTER
___ page (help source) FAQ
Actress de Armas ANA
One of a résumé pair?
To wit: Abbr. VIZ
Motorola phones RAZRS
Spanish 101 verb ESTAR
Bit of firefighting equipment AXE
Romeo and Juliet had one TRYST
Cockpit array DIALS
Actress Jessica ALBA
Surrounded by AMID
With 14-Across longtime CNN host DON
Rile up ANGER
Co-founder of the N.A.A.C.P. and author of The Souls of Black Folk WEBDUBOIS
Works in the Galleria degli Uffizi ARTE
Island nation that’s the world’s smallest republic NAURU
Certain curve ESS
Strong connection as to one’s land DEEPROOTS
Actor Idris with an O.B.E. ELBA
Lose traction SKID
Alero or Aurora informally OLDS
Year in the reign of Nero LIX
Six-sided state UTAH
Abbr. on a wrapper NTWT
Air Force Academy student CADET
Make amends (for) ATONE
Relationship of the circled letters to the apt words they connect to in this puzzle ANGLE
American ___ Warrior NINJA
Scientist who said Our planet is a lonely speck in the great enveloping cosmic dark SAGAN
What’s new? THELASTEST
Part of a wedding ceremony RING
Digs up in a way HOES
Suffix with architect URE
Store with a one-way route through its cavernous space IKEA
Like many bridal veils GAUZY
Like paths of missiles ARCED
Language that may be used in 56-Down JAVA
See 55-Down UNIX
Much mail: Abbr. LTRS
Cheese in a Greek salad FETA
Periods in the N.B.A.: Abbr. QTRS
It might be jacked up CAR
Forensic abbr. CSI

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