New York Times Crossword September 27 2021 Answers

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New York Times Crossword September 27 2021 Answers:

Org. exploring Mars NASA
Paul who sang Diana and Lonely Boy ANKA
Highest point APEX
One of 10 on a ten-speed GEAR
Hulk in a wrestling ring HOGAN
Olympic event for which the world record stands at a little over 20 feet POLEVAULT
Obvious OVERT
Tanning lotion spec SPF
Broadcast AIR
One of Haiti’s two official languages along with French CREOLE
Magic duo with a 20+ year act in Las Vegas
Explorer Ericson LEIF
San ___ Obispo Calif. LUIS
Prefix with function DYS
___ the Hun ATILA
Tex-Mex items associated with Tuesdays TACOS
Spring forward and fall back plan
Writer ___ Allan Poe EDGAR
Like some food for dieters NONFAT
Areas for hosp. surgeons ORS
Mexican poet Juana ___ de la Cruz INES
Any member of NATO to any other ALLY
Added cost of buying soda
Keeps watching … and watching STARES
Rocks in a drink ICE
I-strain? EGO
Completely fail EATIT
Guaranteed … or where you can find the ends of 17- 23- 37- and 50-Across INTHEBANK
Basketball great Curry STEPH
It’s a bad look LEER
Relatives of ostriches EMUS
Taste or touch SENSE
Ore locale LODE
Canadian gas brand ESSO
Quick time outs? NAPS
Each … as in the price of balloons? EPOP
Woe is me feeling SELFPITY
Lumberjack’s tool AXE
Once more AGAIN
___ network NAURAL
___ Kan (dog food brand) KAL
Paintings and sculptures ART
Where the land meets the sea SHORE
Rude dwelling HOVEL
Seemingly timeless AGEOLD
Bob who sang One love one heart / Let’s get together and feel all right MARLEY
Goes in ENTERS
Airport shuttle typically VAN
M.R.I. alternative CTSCAN
Modern tax option EFILE
Almond or pecan NUTTREE
Buenos ___ DIAS
Young fellow LAD
I ___ Pi (punny fraternity name) ETA
Jar topper LID
Longhorns : Texas :: ___ : Texas A&M AGGIES
Egg: Prefix OVO
Peninsula in the Six-Day War SINAI
Round of applause HAND
Two of them meet every year in the Super Bowl NFLTEAMS
Gadot of Wonder Woman GAL
Pigs’ digs STY
Dwell (on) OBSESS
What blades on windmills do ROTATE
___ Island (part of New York City) STATEN
Treated maliciously SPITED
Stumbles TRIPS
River of forgetfulness in myth LETHE
Earth tone OCHRE
Get what I’m saying? SEE
Wildebeests GNUS
Then here’s what happened … OKSO
Sick ILL
Prefix with natal NEO
Busy insect BEE

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