New York Times Crossword September 25 2021 Answers

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New York Times Crossword September 25 2021 Answers:

Industrial V.I.P. BARON
Flower that’s also the name of a Downton Abbey character MARIGOLD
Developing after in UTERO
Mahatma in translation GREATSOUL
International telephone prefix for Russia SEVEN
Greek goddess of memory MNEMOSYNE
Imperial title KAISER
Abbr. in a birth announcement LBS
Turkish honorific AGA
Legal conclusion? ESE
Chickens (out) WUSSES
Big family CLAN
Like favorite films typically REWATCHED
Like Seth among the offspring of Adam and Eve THIRD
Like dry mud on a dog’s paws CAKED
Site of the impact of the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs 66 million years ago
Long lunches? HEROES
Some avian homes COTES
At ___ (befuddled) ALOSS
Shipping option for books MEDIAMAIL
It’s full of fiber LINT
Capybara for one RODENT
Raleigh-to-Richmond dir. NNE
Boosts UPS
Look what I found! OOH
Kind of typeface or Pepperidge Farm cookie GENEVA
Sport with a capture the flag variety PAINTBALL
Wanderer NOMAD
Food dyes e.g. ADDITIVES
Drop in a way ELIDE
Turned vertically SETONEND
Handy device for making gazpacho DICER
Street musician BUSKER
Run through REVIEW
Rock group ORES
Campaign catchphrase of 1988 NONEWTAXES
Grand opening? MGM
Sports agent Tellem ARN
Pulled (in) REELED
There are 70 in a Shakespearean sonnet IAMBS
Some muscle cars GTOS
W.W. II spy grp. OSS
It may be in your jeans DUNGAREE
Tragic lover of myth LEANDER
Rowdydow RUCKUS
Poet Silverstein SHEL
Rhetorical inversion device seen in Champagne for my real friends and real pain for my sham friends CHIASM
Confront ACCOST
Like the red panda blue whale and black rhino THREATENED
Interim ACTING
Mexican dish named after a small boat CHALUPA
Rooftop landing sites HELIPADS
1960s-’70s detective series set in San Francisco IRONSIDE
Presage BODE
County that’s split in two by the Grand Canyon MOHAVE
Low on energy ANEMIC
Enter by force INVADE
Word finishing ring or band LEADER
Newswoman Roberts ROBIN
Palindromic number in Italian OTTO
___ me tangere (Latin warning) NOLI
Quibble NIT
Spy novelist Deighton LEN
Drug known by its German initials LSD

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