New York Times Crossword September 15 2021 Answers

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New York Times Crossword September 15 2021 Answers:

___ Modern (London gallery) TATE
Put down in writing? PAN
Word with rest or play AREA
Garten of eatin’ INA
You got me there TOUCHE
Socket replacement? GLASSEYE
Ticks off ANGERS
Kind of tank SEPTIC
Puppy’s bite NIP
Amazon tree hugger BOA
Card game cry UNO
Canine covering?
Four-footed friends PETS
Exclamation of shock spelled in a modern way WOAH
Crossed (out) EXED
Ascend CLIMB
According to ASPER
Batter’s additions? FALSELASHES
Gabbana’s partner in fashion DOLCE
Burger topping ONION
Feudal plot FIEF
Save it for a rainy day TARP
Old rug in a courtroom?
Cedar relative FIR
The E in B.C.E. ERA
I do for one VOW
Roughly speaking? COARSE
Phrased WORDED
Basketball feint … or a hint to 17- 24- 36- and 46-Across? HEADFAKE
Make it through a difficult period ENDURE
Prohibit BAR
De ___ (You’re welcome: Fr.) RINE
Alliterative Doctor of children’s literature DESOTO
Cent : euro :: ___ : krona ORE
They can be even paradoxically ODDS
Prepares to score on a sac fly TAGSUP
Garfield’s romantic interest in the comics ARLENE
Short and stout singer of nursery rhyme TEAPOT
Steinbeck’s ___ of Eden EAST
Like a mathematical function that changes at different intervals PIECEWISE
Whichever ANY
When doubled a 2010s dance fad NAE
Amazon’s business informally ETAIL
Like some offensive humor NONPC
Harbor hauler TUG
Old refrigerators ICEBOXES
Hammer ___ (certain summer Olympian) THROWER
Collaborative principle in improv comedy YESAND
Toy Story antagonist SID
Casual refusal NAH
One end of the Iditarod NOME
Easy-to-read newspaper TABLOID
Preacher’s cry REPENT
Like fish and rock walls SCALED
Inc. cousin LLC
57-Down competitor SHO
Once more ANEW
Let’s Make a Deal choice DOORONE
Expelled SPEWED
Not many FEW
Shaking in one’s boots AFRAID
Chanced RISKED
Self-grooms PREENS
Turn inside out EVERT
Competition where you might pull a calf? RODEO
Jupiter or Mars GOD
Prefix with futurism AFRO
Indie pop’s Tegan and Sara e.g. DUO
I May Destroy You network HBO
Musician’s asset EAR

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