New York Times Crossword October 23 2021 Answers

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New York Times Crossword October 23 2021 Answers:

Questions of surprise? POPQUIZ
Certain native of the Mideast EMIRATI
Like cranks GROUCHY
Indian spice mixes MASALAS
Duraflame product FIRELOG
Cause of a decrease in the cost of gasoline OILGLUT
Contents of some wells INK
Literally one who is sent off APOSTLE
___ Chinmoy onetime Indian spiritual leader SRI
Pass it on! LORE
Law school subject ETHICS
What’s mixed with bismuth lead and cadmium to make cerrosafe TIN
A host of in brief MCING
Stronger With ___ Tear 2009 hit album for Mary J. Blige EACH
Fail badly TANK
Words of acceptance SOBEIT
Is this such a good idea? DOIDARE
Request from a host RSVP
Where I-25 meets I-40: Abbr. NMEX
Pippi Longstocking feature PIGTAIL
Things on the heads of some outlaws PRICES
Controvert DENY
Dix minus un NEUF
Pass through D.C.? ENACT
___ and ran ATE
L.A. jazz venue where Thelonious Monk recorded a live album with the ITCLUB
Duds at an awards ceremony maybe TUX
They’ve got to hand it to you DEALERS
___-tip (beef cut) TRI
Quickly and soon INAWINK
Headliner LEADACT
Oh that’s good! NICEONE
Sunblock blocks it UVLIGHT
Manor house attendant GATEMAN
Some charges for animal lovers PETFEES
Standard Disney fare PGFILMS
River with the second-largest discharge volume in the New World after the Amazon ORINOCO
BBQ specialty PORKRIB
Por ___? QUE
First sch. to win 100 N.C.A.A. titles UCLA
[knock on wood] IHOPE
Baby-to-be ZYGOTE
Face of the internet? EMOTICON
Online marketing giant with a primate in its logo MAILCHIMP
Some vacation getaways ISLES
Low-quality paper RAG
Likely M.V.P. candidate ALLSTAR
Cry of ineptitude ISTINK
Popular baitfish SHAD
Potential topic to discuss in science class? ENERGY
Strenuous TAXING
Rabbit ears TVANTENNA
Wot’s dat over ___? DERE
Hybrid Thanksgiving dessert PIECAKEN
Flower in the nightshade family PETUNIA
Rounded say INEXACT
Quiet period LULL
Charge for some truckers CARTAGE
Drawing of the body without its skin from the French ECORCHE
One of the Lesser Antilles STKITTS
Kind of pool DATING
Go from E to F FUELUP
Challenge for a language learner IDIOM
Musical equivalent of two whole notes BREVE
What halophobia is the fear of SALT
Baby WEE
What’s the ___? DIF

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