New York Times Crossword October 21 2021 Answers

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New York Times Crossword October 21 2021 Answers:

Home of many Zoroastrians IRAN
No. on the back of a baseball card STAT
Jazz drummer Jimmy COBB
Awkwafina Is ___ From Queens (Comedy Central series) NORA
Help when things are too hot to handle POTHOLDER
Tell me more … GOON
Where to find Amazon’s streams PRIMEVIDEO
Tombstone site once OKCORRAL
Number of Emily Dickinson poems out of the 1700+ she wrote that were published during her lifetime TEN
Terse reprimand TSK
Queen ___ (pop nickname) BEY
Urban obstacle course activity PARKOUR
Things you saw while asleep? LOGS
Window components TABS
Reddit Q&A AMA
Type of angular momentum in physics SPIN
Noodle container? SKULL
Animal on a Jägermeister bottle STAG
Queen’s domain HIVE
Let loose UNTIE
Words said with a sigh AHME
x for one AXIS
Pub purchase ROUND
Instruction in risotto recipes STIR
Connect four in the game Connect Four e.g. WIN
Throws cold water on say WETS
Shine’s partner RISE
Fail to maintain NEGLECT
Word before Kim Wayne and Baby LIL
Prone to blushing say SHY
It may be used to get away from a bank OAR
Small digit PINKYTOE
Stretch one’s legs GOFORAWALK
Request at a consulate VISA
You up? text maybe BOOTYCALL
Little salamanders EFTS
___ Gotta Have It (Spike Lee film) SHES
Something taken in protest KNEE
Part of GPS: Abbr. SYST
Fort Knox block INGOT
Accompaniers of knights ROOKS
Clueless about current trends AROCKLIVING
One-billionth: Prefix NANO
Many a cologne SPRAY
Word in a Shakespearean incantation TOIL
Place to get paper with plastic? ATM
Take more shots than
Toast sound CLINK
What 10 is not ODD
Busy one BEE
Familial term of address BRO
Cricket segments OVERS
Notorious justice RGB
Ferraro : Mondale :: ___ : McCain PALIN
Give a sworn statement in court OATHTESTIFY
Taste common in tomatoes and mushrooms UMAMI
Blowout RAGER
Scoreboard numbers when a baseball team puts up a picket fence ONES
Attire seen in many Degas paintings TUTUS
William ___ editor of The New Yorker for 35 years SHAWN
Kind of short cut PIXIE
Berry farm eponym KNOTT
Freshness SASS
Far from fresh WEARY
Variety ILK
French city nicknamed The Capital of Flanders LILLE
Big S.N.L. announcements HOSTS
It’s bred for bread YEAST
Word before Blue Eyes or Blue Dot in titles PALE
Jacques-___ Cousteau YVES
Arms and the Man monogram GBS
Incredible! OOH
Hostile party FOE
Ashen WAN

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