New York Times Crossword October 13 2021 Answers

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New York Times Crossword October 13 2021 Answers:

Chin dimple CLEFT
Lawn care supply SOD
Awakens STIRS
Low-carb stone age diet PALEO
Night before EVE
Vodka ___ TONIC
They’re often used with people but rarely with pets LASTNAMES
Psychoanalyst Fromm ERICH
First and only female prime minister of India INDIRAGANDHI
Poker variety HOLDEM
With 8-Down street with no outlet CUL
___ Enfants Terribles (Cocteau novel) LES
That in Spanish ESO
Something you might say at a doctor’s office AAH
Stationary ATREST
Red Cube sculptor with an eponymous museum in New York ISAMUNOGUCHI
Colosseo locale ROMA
Word after launch or lily PAD
Item on a list TASK
First M.L.B. player to enter the Meikyukai (a Japanese baseball hall of fame) ICHIROSUZUKI
Justice who died in 2016 SCALIA
Chilly air NIP
Period essentially DOT
Krazy ___ KAT
New Deal agcy. NRA
Merch stand staple TSHIRT
Fashion designer and judge on Project Runway All Stars ISAACMIZRAHI
Tree with papery bark BIRCH
Island nation once home to the dodo MAURITIUS
Join forces UNITE
Like-it-or-loathe-it bread piece END
N.J. town next to Palisades Park FTLEE
Exodus leader MOSES
Two-striper in the Army: Abbr. CPL
Golden State team on scoreboards LAA
Chicago trains ELS
Stinky FETID
Cover for the bed of a pickup truck TONNEAU
Highway hauler SEMI
Your turn on a walkie-talkie OVER
See 25-Across DESAC
Sneakiness STEALTH
Extremely undecided TORN
Not going anywhere INIDLE
Embarrassment of ___ RICHES
Crystalline rock SCHIST
TV’s Don Draper e.g. ADMAN
Dip for chips informally GUAC
Prince for one HEIR
___ buco OSSO
Gardener’s soil LOAM
Tribe that considers the Grand Canyon its creation place HOPI
Puttin’ on the ___ RITZ
Knight’s armor MAIL
Needle-nosed fish GAR
Thick soup noodle UDON
Its logo is four interlocking circles AUDI
Popular toffee bar SKOR
Eartha who played Catwoman KITT
Sure things CINCHES
Damage HARM
Instrument invented in medieval India SITAR
Go into a higher gear UPSHIFT
One who loves to shred some gnar pow SKIBUM
Betting setting CASINO
Classic consoles ATARIS
Songwriter Mann AIMEE
Take two and ___ right (old baseball adage) HITTO
Opéra division ACTE
Off-the-wall ZANY
Like cutting and pushing RUDE
Réunion for one ILE
One-eighty UEY
With 70- and 71-Across agree … and a phonetic hint to this puzzle’s theme SEE

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