New York Times Crossword May 9 2021 Answers

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New York Times Crossword May 9 2021 Answers:

Computer file informally 3 letters DOC
Wound up on top? 4 letters SCAB
Feels it the next day say 5 letters ACHES
Things served in prison 5 letters TERMS
Shout at a Greek wedding 3 letters OPA
Country singer McKenna 4 letters LORI
Whoa settle down 5 letters CHILL
More than half of humanity 6 letters ASIANS
___ state 3 letters REM
Mom’s comment to her child during prenatal bonding? [Frank Sinatra 1954] 17 letters
Hot state 3 letters IRE
Bishop’s hat 5 letters MITER
They’re used mostly on corners 8 letters STAPLERS
What Mom is obligated to do as her due date approaches? [The Beatles 1969] 15 letters
___ the deal … 5 letters HERES
Yes in Yokohama 3 letters HAI
Bran material 3 letters OAT
Part of a drivetrain 4 letters AXLE
The Renaissance for one 3 letters ERA
Team ___ (late-night host’s following) 4 letters COCO
Cancer fighter for short 5 letters TCELL
Henley Royal ___ (annual July event) 7 letters REGATTA
Mom’s reaction to her first mild contractions? [John Cougar 1982] 11 letters
Midwife’s advice to Mom in the delivery room? [Salt-N-Pepa 1987] 6 letters PUSHIT
Cause of wear and tear 3 letters USE
Wanna-bees e.g.? 5 letters PUPAE
___ of Maine (toothpaste) 4 letters TOMS
Sport whose participants call Pull! 5 letters SKEET
Pet sound 3 letters MEW
Tennis star with the highest career winning percentage in singles matches (89.97%) 5 letters EVERT
Stress test? 5 letters FINAL
Whoa boy settle down 4 letters EASY
Mom’s remark as contractions grow stronger? [The Ramones 1978] 15 letters
Org. that delivers 4 letters USPS
Unenthusiastic 5 letters TEPID
Went sniggling 5 letters EELED
Vaporize say 3 letters ZAP
Empire 5 letters REALM
Roughly 4 letters ORSO
Be crazy about 5 letters ADORE
Sappho’s ___ to Aphrodite 3 letters ODE
Mom’s reaction as delivery draws closer? [Usher 2012] 6 letters SCREAM
Child’s response to Mom’s actions? [Diana Ross 1980] 11 letters IMCOMINGOUT
Briskly 7 letters ATATROT
Actress in eight Bond films 5 letters DENCH
Like sea horses that give birth 4 letters MALE
Beast with a humped shoulder 3 letters GNU
Utah ski resort 4 letters ALTA
Cable news anchor Cabrera 3 letters ANA
Prey for a formicivorous creature 3 letters ANT
Simple life? 5 letters AMEBA
Nurse’s remark after Mom delivers the first twin? [Britney Spears 1998] 15 letters
Spanish archipelago with the 8 letters CANARIES
Touches 5 letters ABUTS
Witty saying 3 letters MOT
Doctor’s comment after Mom delivers the second twin? [The Who 1965] 17 letters
Director DuVernay 3 letters AVA
Quiet 6 letters SERENE
Settle down say 5 letters MARRY
Pacific crop 4 letters TARO
Something you might gloss over 3 letters LIP
Mother’s Day delivery 5 letters ROSES
Apologetic remark during a breakup 5 letters ITSME
Hang it up 4 letters STOP
Consult 3 letters SEE
Kind of column 5 letters DORIC
Venue for trill seekers? 10 letters OPERAHOUSE
TV reporter’s entourage 10 letters CAMERACREW
Like snails’ trails 5 letters SLIMY
Beginning that leads to a sum? 6 letters COGITO
Singer with the 1968 hit Think familiarly 6 letters ARETHA
Nibble 6 letters BITEAT
Oh no! 3 letters ACK
X 3 letters CHI
Drink with the flavors Poppin’ Lemonade and Grabbin’ Grape 3 letters HIC
Wyoming’s National ___ Refuge 3 letters ELK
Spill clumsily 5 letters SLOSH
Bye! 4 letters TATA
Food delivery route? 9 letters ESOPHAGUS
Piece of equipment for a biathlete 5 letters RIFLE
Oscar ___ 5 letters MAYER
Bad thing to do in class 5 letters SNORE
Figure (out) 4 letters SUSS
Aesthete’s interest 3 letters ART
Complete 5 letters UTTER
Hilarious sort 4 letters RIOT
U.S. city whose name is composed of two state abbreviations 4 letters WACO
Struck out 4 letters EXED
Poorly 3 letters ILL
Toothpaste option 3 letters GEL
Solicit sales (for) 3 letters REP
Fishing bait 4 letters CHUM
Keeps the beat with one’s foot 7 letters TOETAPS
Who ___ you? 5 letters ASKED
Woman’s name meaning goddess 4 letters THEA
Relations 4 letters TIES
J.D. holder: Abbr. 4 letters ATTY
What a shaken soda bottle will do when uncapped 4 letters SPEW
Capital of Fiji 4 letters SUVA
Not dismissive of 6 letters OPENTO
Earn 6 letters GARNER
Quaint contraction 3 letters TIS
Rule for trick-or-treaters 7 letters ONEEACH
Improvised 6 letters MADEDO
Wind down? 6 letters SLALOM
Janet Yellen’s former post with the 3 letters FED
Site of offshore banks? 5 letters ISLET
Life briefly 3 letters BIO
Garr of Tootsie 4 letters TERI
Setting for a scene in the Sistine Chapel 4 letters EDEN
Major part of the night sky? 4 letters URSA
It’s broken off 4 letters SECT
Olympic athlete category 4 letters PARA
Lions and tigers and bears 10 letters ZOOANIMALS
Raw footage? 10 letters ADULTMOVIE
Davidson of S.N.L. 4 letters PETE
Stick in the refrigerator? 9 letters MARGARINE
Sun follower? 3 letters MON
Loving 4 letters INTO
Last name in shoes 4 letters MCAN
Exam for some aspiring C.E.O.s 4 letters GMAT
Go down the ___ 5 letters TUBES
Little bit 3 letters DAB
Ron who played Tarzan 3 letters ELY
Boundaries 6 letters AMBITS
Part of a Milky Way bar 6 letters NOUGAT
Joint: Prefix 6 letters ARTHRO
Book that’s the source of the line It is more blessed to give than to receive 4 letters ACTS
Host of HBO’s Real Time 5 letters MAHER
Año starter 5 letters ENERO
Competes on a British cooking show 5 letters BAKES
Same here 5 letters ASAMI
Lead-in to trumpet or drum 3 letters EAR
Legally foreclose 5 letters ESTOP
Tour de France stage 5 letters ETAPE
The 13th or 15th 4 letters IDES
Mobster’s undoing 3 letters RAT
Places to take breaks for short? 3 letters ERS
Inoculation location 3 letters ARM
Cleaning solution 3 letters LYE

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