New York Times Crossword May 6 2021 Answers

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New York Times Crossword May 6 2021 Answers:

How to Be an Anti-___ (best-selling book of 2020) 6 letters RACIST
Big kahuna 3 letters VIP
Way up to go downhill 4 letters TBAR
Totally original 6 letters ALLNEW
Bird that’s the source of Kalaya oil 3 letters EMU
Dance sometimes done to klezmer music 4 letters HORA
Play-by-play job? 10 letters STAGEACTOR
A little cracked 4 letters AJAR
Spanish for weight 4 letters PESO
Presidential nickname of the 19th century 9 letters HONESTABE
Kansas or Kentucky politically 8 letters REDSTATE
Cap’n’s mate 4 letters BOSN
Details details 5 letters SPECS
Certain Miller beers 7 letters REDDOGS
Gear tooth 3 letters COG
Soaks up a lot of sun 5 letters BAKES
Improv comic’s forte 5 letters ADLIB
Chicago-style pizza chain familiarly 4 letters UNOS
Big Ten nickname 5 letters TERPS
Architectural style of Nebraska’s capitol building informally 4 letters DECO
Rhetoric for the political base figuratively 7 letters REDMEAT
Warning sign 7 letters REDFLAG
Word with high or dive 3 letters SKY
Cómo ___? 5 letters ESTAS
Follower of Too bad in an expression of mock pity 5 letters SOSAD
Gomer Pyle’s outfit: Abbr. 4 letters USMC
Low humming sounds 6 letters THRUMS
Stay calm 9 letters DONTPANIC
Stand-up comedian Bargatze 4 letters NATE
___ Am Telling You (song from Dreamgirls) 4 letters ANDI
Traffic go-ahead that should be followed four times in this puzzle 10 letters RIGHTONRED
Dance done to fiddle music 4 letters REEL
Director Lee 3 letters ANG
No longer under wraps? 6 letters OPENED
Lagerfeld of fashion 4 letters KARL
___ leaf (stew additive) 3 letters BAY
Over a large area 6 letters WIDELY
File type 4 letters RASP
Drunkenness or hypnosis 7 letters ALTERED
It may be dismissed 5 letters CLASS
Some metal castings 6 letters INGOTS
Get it? 3 letters SEE
Onetime United competitor 3 letters TWA
Refuse to pick up the bill? 4 letters VETO
That’s my cue! 4 letters IMON
Poodles but not schnoodles or doodles 8 letters PUREBRED
How strange … 8 letters THATSODD
Nickname for tap-dancing legend Bill Robinson 9 letters BOJANGLES
___ League 4 letters ARAB
Unusual 4 letters RARE
Something waved when a race is won 9 letters CHECKERED
Common mixer 4 letters SODA
P.D. alert 3 letters APB
Udder end 4 letters TEAT
Lord’s laborers 5 letters SERFS
Warped as a sense of humor 4 letters SICK
Pancetta or prosciutto 5 letters CURED
My treat! 4 letters ONME
Becomes insolvent 9 letters GOESUNDER
Inkblot e.g. 7 letters SPLOTCH
Early man? 3 letters BOY
Behaved for a haircut say 8 letters SATSTILL
Glazier’s frame 4 letters SASH
Pack down 4 letters TAMP
Long-bodied fish 3 letters GAR
Bug that inspired Poe’s The Gold-Bug 6 letters SCARAB
Persistently demanded payment from 6 letters DUNNED
French river in W.W. I fighting 5 letters MARNE
Metaphor for strength 5 letters STEEL
Like yin but not yang 4 letters DARK
Suited to serve 4 letters ONEA
Simone known as the High Priestess of Soul 4 letters NINA
Punk’s Pop 4 letters IGGY
Water whirl 4 letters EDDY
AAA offering 3 letters TOW
Nail polish brand with a Bubble Bath shade 3 letters OPI

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